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Rosas danst rosas- physical setting (film version). No decoration. Layers of windows . One level, floor level. Brown wooden floor. Neutral- nothing stands out. Section 1 . Natural lightening- dark. Bland, dull colours. One square room surrounded by other rooms and corridors.

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Rosas danst rosas-

physical setting

(film version)

No decoration

Layers of windows

One level, floor level

Brown wooden floor

Neutral- nothing stands out

Section 1

Natural lightening- dark

Bland, dull colours

One square room surrounded by other rooms and corridors

Wooden floor


Half beige tile walls and half grey paint

Section 2

White tile floor

Neutral colours

Big windows

Half and full length transparent windows

Blacked out windows

Natural light -bright


Gym flooring (sports floor markings)

Cracked walls

Section 3

Blocked out windows

Open windows

Full length transparent division

3 story building you can see the layers

Rectangle courtyard

Stone flooring


White markings

Section 4

Smashed windows

Entrances and exits (doors)

No props

Half transparent division and half brick

Natural lighting- dark

Rosas danst rosas
Rosas danst Rosas

  • Film version is site specific

  • Filmed in a derelict school

  • 3 story U-formed building built around a courtyard

Set design- physical setting

*complex internal structure

*long corridors

*empty classrooms

*transparent partitions

*hard wooden/ tile flooring

*large open spaces

*no furniture (except chairs in the first section)