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Earth System Science

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Earth System Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earth System Science. The SOAR-High Project. What is ESS?. The study of the Earth and it’s spheres, and the interactions between the spheres. Example: What happens when the atmosphere touches the oceans?. Topics for this year.

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earth system science

Earth System Science

The SOAR-High Project

what is ess
What is ESS?
  • The study of the Earth and it’s spheres, and the interactions between the spheres.
  • Example: What happens when the atmosphere touches the oceans?
topics for this year
Topics for this year
  • 1st Quarter - Parts of the Earth System, Systems thinking, Online Portfolios, GLOBE measurements, What causes the seasons
  • 2nd Quarter - Energy in the system, Greenhouse effect, Global Warming, the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Satellites, Research Project
  • 3rd Quarter - The Atmosphere, structure, Ozone, Bio-Indicators, Climate Change
  • 4th Quarter - The Lithosphere, soils, faults, Sphere Connections, Research Project
what is soar high
What is SOAR-High?
  • Six schools working together
  • Sharing an online curriculum
  • Class guided by daily teacher message
  • Videoconferencing
  • Collaboration between classrooms
soar high schools
SOAR-High Schools
  • Indiana School for the Deaf
  • Iowa School for the Deaf
  • North Carolina School for the Deaf
  • University High School DHHP (Irvine, CA)
  • Model Secondary School for the Deaf
class activities
Class Activities
  • Online Portfolios
  • Projects
  • Collecting data (GLOBE Program)
    • Ozone and ozone damage to plants
    • Aerosols
    • Air temperature
  • Lab activities
  • Lab reports - data analysis
class activities1
Class Activities
  • Outside readings
    • Science Articles
    • Books: Rachel Carson, etc
  • Fieldtrips
  • Computer use - daily messages
  • Student collaboration
how much do you know about the planet earth
How much do you know about the planet Earth?
  • Earth is the ____ planet from the Sun.

Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto

Vostok, Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. The lowest temperature measured there was ______ on July 21, 1983.

136 degrees F

The hottest place on Earth in
    • A. Death Valley, USA
    • B. El Azizia, Libya
  • And that temperature was
    • _______

El Azizia, Libya

136 degrees F

What kind of rocks can float?

Pumice, a volcanic rock

what state tends to get the most earthquakes
What state tends to get the most earthquakes?
  • Alaska has a magnitude 7 quake almost every year!
is the atmosphere made mostly of oxygen
Is the atmosphere made mostly of oxygen?
  • No. Earth's atmosphere is actually made of about 80% nitrogen. About 19% is oxygen.
is earth the largest rocky planet in the solar system
Is Earth the largest rocky planet in the Solar system?
  • Yes…but just barely.
  • Earth's diameter at the equator is 7,926 miles. Venus is 7,521 miles wide.
what is earth s largest ocean
What is Earth’s largest ocean?
  • The Pacific Ocean - it covers 64 million square miles.
  • It’s more than 2 times the size of the Atlantic!