Susy and superstrings
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SUSY and Superstrings. Masahiro Yamaguchi Tohoku University Asian School Particles, Strings and Cosmology (NasuLec) September 25-28, 2006@Nasu, Japan. Phenomenology of SUSY and Superstrings. Masahiro Yamaguchi Tohoku University Asian School Particles, Strings and Cosmology (NasuLec)

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Susy and superstrings

SUSY and Superstrings

Masahiro Yamaguchi

Tohoku University

Asian School Particles, Strings and Cosmology (NasuLec)

September 25-28, 2006@Nasu, Japan

Phenomenology of susy and superstrings

Phenomenology ofSUSYand Superstrings

Masahiro Yamaguchi

Tohoku University

Asian School Particles, Strings and Cosmology (NasuLec)

September 25-28, 2006@Nasu, Japan

1 introduction
1. Introduction

  • Success of Standard Model

    • All particles (except Higgs) found

    • Experimental Data in Good fit with standard model predictions

    • no apparent deviation from SM (except neutrino oscillations)

  • Expect LHC to find Higgs and/or something else Han, Tanaka

Susy and superstrings

Motivations for Beyond Standard Model

  • Some phenomena require Beyond SM

    • baryon number asymmetry in universe

    • dark matter

    • dark energy????

    • neutrino oscillations

  • Standard Model is incomplete.

    • Origin of electroweak scale

    • Why 3-2-1 gauge groups? Why particular matter representations?  grand unification?

    • Why three generations?

    • Too many parameters

    • Quantum gravity  superstrings?

Models of beyond standard model to solve the naturalness problem
Models of Beyond Standard Model to solve the naturalness problem

  • Supersymmetry

  • Technicolor

  • Top color

  • Little Higgs

  • Higgsless model

  • large extra dimensions

  • warped extra dimensions (Randall-Sundrum)

  • ………..

Supersymmetry problem

  • Promising solution to explain the naturalness problem in electroweak sector

  • Gauge coupling Unification achieved in supersymmetric extension

Susy and superstrings

strength problem















Gauge Coupling Unification

Gauge coupling constants change as energy scale changes

Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model

Three couplings (SU(3), SU(2), U(1)) meet at one point ~1016 GeV

accidental? or suggests unification of forces in SUSY!?



Susy and superstrings

I will discuss SUSY breaking masses problemSUSY breaking/Mediation mechanisms

  • directly measured by experiments

  • Hints to Ultra High Energy Physics

  • constrained by FCNC problem new physics evidence in flavor physics?

Superstrings top down approach
Superstrings problem(top-down approach)

  • Ultimate unified theory including quantum gravity

  • What implications to real world?

    • Obstacle: superstring is physics near Planck scale

    • many possibilities to come down to EW scale

      • supersymmetry at string scale

      • extra dimensions 104 dim

      • many massless modes

    • everything seems possible!?

Susy and superstrings

Talk plan
Talk Plan of string phenomenology

  • Introduction

  • Standard Model and Beyond

    Overview of Standard Model

    Motivations for Beyond SM

  • Supersymmetry

    Basic Ideas

    Mediation Mechanisms of SUSY breaking

    Phenomenology and Cosmology

  • Alternatives

    Warped Extra Dimensions

  • Moduli Stabilization and Beyond SM

    KKLT set-up: low energy SUSY & Warped extra dim.

2 standard model and beyond
2. Standard Model and Beyond of string phenomenology

2.1 Great Success of Standard Model

Gauge Symmetry

Flavor Structure

Gauge symmetry
Gauge Symmetry of string phenomenology

Nature of forces

  • strong, weak, electromagnetic forces = gauge force

    SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1)

  • gauge symmetry

     force is mediated by gauge boson (vector boson)

    e.g.) U(1) case

Susy and superstrings

Coupling between matter and gauge boson: of string phenomenology

- solely controlled by the gauge invariance

(in renormalizable theory)

- characterized by charge (or representation) of matter

 coupling universality

This has been intensively tested in electroweak sector at LEP/SLD experiments. ~90’s

Z/W bosons

The idea of gauge symmetry is established experimentally.

Susy and superstrings

Gauge boson mass: of string phenomenology

Gauge boson mass term breaks gauge invariance.

How can we obtain gauge boson mass in a gauge invariant way?

Higgs Mechanism

based on spontaneous symmetry breaking

A vacuum is chosen at one point

 Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking


Susy and superstrings

Spontaneous symmetry breaking of global symmetry of string phenomenology Nambu-Goldstone boson

SSB of gauge symmetry

Would-be NG boson is absorbed into gauge boson 

Gauge boson gets massive.

Gauge tr.

By chooing  appropriately, one can eliminate 2.

Susy and superstrings

gauge boson mass of string phenomenology

 (coupling) x (charge)

x (order parameter)

physical degrees of freedom

 Higgs boson

Higgs mechanism in sm
Higgs Mechanism in SM of string phenomenology

Gauge symmetry beraking

Minimal Standard Model:

SU(2) doublet Higgs with Y=+1

Susy and superstrings

Gauge-Higgs sector of string phenomenology

Susy and superstrings

Masses of string phenomenology

Higgs-gauge coupling

Cf. Higgs production at e^+ e^- collider

Elementary higgs or dynamical sb
Elementary Higgs or Dynamical SB? of string phenomenology

3 would-be Nambu-Goldstone bosons

  • elementary Higgs is not necessary

  • possibility of dynamical symmetry breaking

    e.g. technicolor “techni-pions”

    Two problems on dynamical symmetry breaking

  • how to generate lepton/quark masses

  • Radiative corrections: often conflict with EW precision data

    Elementary Higgs in SM is the most economical way.

Two roles played by sm higgs
Two Roles played by SM Higgs of string phenomenology

  • generates W/Z gauge boson masses

    spontaneous gauge symmetry breaking

    2) generates quark/lepton masses

     Yukawa couplings

Quarks and leptons
Quarks and Leptons of string phenomenology

  • 3 replicas (3 generations)

  • gauge quantum numbers

Yukawa interaction
Yukawa Interaction of string phenomenology

Standard Model…. chiral gauge theory

RH quarks and LH quarks are in different

representation in SU(2) x U(1)

  • No gauge invariant mass term for quarks/leptons

  • Quark/Lepton mass generation:

    tightly related to SSB.

    In SM, the interaction with Higgs yields quark/lepton masses

    --- very natural and economical !

Susy and superstrings

3 generations of string phenomenology

y_u and y_d : 3 x 3 matrices

generation mixing

CP violating phase (Kobayashi-Maskawa)

Flavor mixing generation mixing
Flavor Mixing (Generation Mixing) of string phenomenology

from weak eigenbasis to mass eigenbasis

No flavor-changing-neutral current (FCNC) at tree level

Gauge sym (coupling universality) is essential

Susy and superstrings

W-boson coupling of string phenomenology

Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix

3 physical angles

1 physical CP phase

Susy and superstrings

Flavor mixing is suppressed in SM of string phenomenology

Z-boson: no flavor mixing

W-boson: only source of flavor mixing

  • suppression(GIM mechanism)

    • loop level

    • small quark mass

Susy and superstrings

Examples of string phenomenology

No lepton flavor violation in SM

One can freely rotate mass eigenbasis of

massless neutrinos.

Present status of sm
Present Status of SM of string phenomenology

  • Gauge Symmetry: successful

    precision test of electroweak theory @LEP/Tevatron

    consistent with SM

  • Flavor Structure

    • all quarks/leptons discovered

    • flavor mixing in CKM framework:

      works well K, B-mesons

    • Neutrinos: neutrino oscillation requires beyond SM

Susy and superstrings

  • Higgs boson of string phenomenology

    • final piece of SM

    • not discovered (yet?)

      Higgs search

Direct search:

EW data prefers light Higgs < 250 GeV or so.

Expects discovery at LHC (2007~)

2 2 motivations for beyond standard model
2.2. Motivations for Beyond Standard Model of string phenomenology

Call for Beyond SM

  • phenomena

  • SM is unsatisfactory. There must be more fundamental theory.

Phenomena of string phenomenology

  • Particle Physics

    • collider experiments: SM looks perfect

    • Nu oscillation requires beyond SM(beyond minimal SM)

  • Cosmological Observations

    • dark energy 73%

    • dark matter 23%

    • baryons 4%  origins?

    • Inflationary scenario requires better understanding of scalar dynamics

Standard model is unsatisfactory
Standard Model is unsatisfactory of string phenomenology

Gauge structure

  • why SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1) ? why g3 >g2>g1?

  • why charge quantization Qp+Qe=0!

    Flavor structure

  • Matter Representation

  • Why 3 generations

    Too many parameters

    -- any rationale to explain them?

    Gravity is not included consistently  string theory?

Susy and superstrings

Energy Scale of Standard Model of string phenomenology

  • electroweak scale 100 GeV

  • Planck scale 10^18 GeV

  • Why this big gap?

  • How EW scale is stabilized against huge radiative corrections? ---quadratic divergence

    Naturalness problem (gauge hierarchy problem)

  • Proposals
    Proposals of string phenomenology

    • High Scale Cut-off

      • Quadratic divergence disappears due to symmetry

      • Low-Energy Supersymmetry

    • Low Scale (Effective) Cut-off

      • Quadratic divergence is due to the fact that Higgs is elementary scalar

      • Technicolor

      • Extra dimensions

      • little Higgs (Higgs as pseudo NG boson)

    • Higgs does not exist.

      • Higgsless model: Symmetry breaking by boundary condition of extra dimensions

    Common issues in beyond sm around ew scale
    Common Issues in Beyond SM (around EW of string phenomenologyscale)

    • Many of Beyond-SM introduce

      • new particles

      • new interaction

    • HOPE discovery of new particles/interaction at future experiments

    • DANGER new particles/interaction conflict with experiments

    Susy and superstrings

    1) of string phenomenologyContribution to gauge boson propagators

    • S, T parameters

    • Some models such as technicolor: excluded

      2) Flavor Problem in Beyond SM

    • Standard Model is too good to hide all flavor mixing phenomena (GIM mechanism)

    • Introduction of new particles/interaction may give too large FCNCs.

    Susy and superstrings

    Suppose there is new massive vector boson X with of string phenomenology

    Exchange of X boson  lepton flavor violation

    Flavor problem in beyond sm
    Flavor Problem in Beyond-SM of string phenomenology

    • Exchange of New particles/interaction

       four fermi interaction

    • Kaon m > O(10^6) GeV

    • B-meson m> O(10^4) GeV

    • LFV m> O(10^5) GeV

    • Beyond-SM should be able to hide FCNC processes.

    Guide for model building
    Guide for model building of string phenomenology

    We should seek for model

    • solve naturalness problem

    • not disturb electroweak precision data

    • not generate too large FCNC

    • hopefully offer dark matter candidate

    • hopefully offer collider signatures

      Low-energy SUSY is such a framework.