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Rveral 4
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Rveral 4

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  1. How is this a sure thing Gets people hired, which will translate into success press. People they will stay on the site longer creating a growing stream of ad, reference and 3rd party revenue How does Reveral make or save me money Saves all businesses time/costs from processing applicants. 3rd party businesses can earn through Reveral’s distribution model with zero up fronts. Barrier to entry beyond: 1st to market, ip, new rollouts Devotion to site, People will actually get hired through Reveral, translating into press, ensuring backers success through a growing user base with ad, reference and 3rd party fees. Devotion to the site based on its usefulness and a continuous flow of new ‘get hired’ ideas will keep competitors behind.

  2. Barrier to Entry Usefulness and Devotion - People get hired and have more interviews - Connection to employers unavailable elsewhere (Kick) Compelling Experience - Users create and manage core content - Specialize ME (Users can re brand themselves on the fly) - Job Karma (User generated: list a job, get a job) - 2nd Resume (Users generate due diligence doc) Control - Privacy options for references, portfolio Bells and Whistles - First to market, Trademarks, Provisional Patents, - 3rd party partner building - user input development

  3. What websites do for Human Resources Have everything needed to approve a candidate in one place Testimonials, resume and show friends List a job & organize candidates Reveral NetworkingLinkedInFacebook Job BoardsMonsterJobsterCraigslist Vault Can a website get you hired Yes. Reveral will allow HR or an employer to actually hire you You might find a company to work for You might get A connection Reveral NetworkingLinkedInFacebook Job BoardsMonsterJobsterCraigslist Vault

  4. New easy ways to connect to those you want to work with Everything HR needs in one place Connectivity tools on the way: - Job Karma- 2nd resume- Specialize