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  1. Hire and get hired faster | References, skill certifications and communication all in one place Solutions Openness Less legal Efficiency Skill certification Market Small Business Freelancers Consultants Employees Revenue Ref. fees Advertising 3rd party Apps 3rd party tests Agencies Competitors LinkedInMonsterRef. Online Old School

  2. Jobs Solution Compete Market Model Finance Intro It’s about JOBS Networking is not job-getting, Reveral is job-getting. Reveral connects people to businesses they want to work with using new methods. - 4hr Job - Foot in the Door

  3. Jobs Solution Compete Market Model Finance Intro Help HR do their job in choosing you! Have references, portfolio, skill certifications and communication in one place making it easier to hire and be hired.

  4. Intro Solution Compete Market Model Finance Jobs Opportunity: Real Problems • Employers are seeking things from a candidate they’re not getting** • Openness • Reduced legal risk • More efficiency • Employers still don’t know if skills on a resume are genuine ** LinkedIn Survey, April 2009

  5. Intro Jobs Compete Market Model Finance Solution Reveral Solutions Openness Reveral allows users to be more open about a person or company. No more surprise phone calls. Reduced Legal Risk Users agree to terms and conditions protecting Reveral, companies and themselves. More Efficiency All necessary items to approve a candidate in 1 place:references, portfolio, skill communication. Skill Certification Users can take 3rd party certification tests for any skill (i.e. French). A skill certified can be reviewed, In advance of discovering inaccuracies once an employee has been hired. ** LinkedIn Survey, April 2009

  6. Intro Jobs Solution Market Model Finance Compete Competition Function Reveral LinkedIn Monster Rep. Def Reference Checking Job preparedness Yes No Resume No No Portfolio Yes No NoNo No References Yes testimonials No No No Reduced legal risk Yes No NoNoNo Communication Multiple Limited Not directly No By phone Foot in the Door Yes No No NoNo

  7. Intro Jobs Solution Compete Model Finance Market The Market • In addition to the 10% unemployed in the US as of February 2010 the • US Dept. of Labor believes almost 25% of Americans are not getting • enough work. • Every person or company who wants to build their reputation, be better prepared to get the work and access companies they weren’t able to.

  8. Intro Jobs Solution Compete Market Finance Model Revenue Model • Fees from each full reference view beyond 10 views per month • Targeted advertising • 3rd party software fees from business and verification site downloads • Ancillary revenue • Test center fees from certification tests • Referral fees from employment agencies connected through Reveral

  9. Intro Jobs Solution Market Model Compete Finance A Brief View of Financials • We’ve raised 75k (not from friends and family) • We are continuously upgrading the site • We’re looking to do a raise at a $5M valuation having reached 100K+ users • Current Burn Rate is 5k per month • Forecast 25K-50K burn per month to increase development • and build user ship • $500K is forecast to yield 2M users,$1M=4M+ users, a roster of advertisers and paid references

  10. Reveral. Get Jobs Faster Reaching Our Goals 1M Users We’ll reach our audience through online distribution, piggybacking on social networks and platforms including Facebook, Myspace and the IPhone; The system is uniquely viral, wherein each user will ask many people to to be a reference for them in order to actually get a few. Unique Value Reveral let’s users have their references, portfolio and skill certifications in one place for employers to review. Capital Efficient Reveral is capital efficient through its design, which can scale intelligently no matter the number of users. In addition the model allows 3rd party businesses to integrate related applications reducing the cost of development.

  11. get hired faster Reveral Corp 151 W 19th St New York, NY 10011 t: 646-509-0991 e: gg@reveral.com w: reveral.com

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