the cask of amontillado n.
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The Cask of Amontillado

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The Cask of Amontillado. Edgar Allen Poe. Biography Link. Vocabulary 1 c arnival: is the season immediately before Lent, usually includes festivities and.

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edgar allen poe
Edgar Allen Poe

Biography Link


Vocabulary 1carnival: is the season immediately before Lent, usually includes festivities and

vocabulary 3 catacombs are underground cemeteries
Vocabulary 3 catacombs: are underground cemeteries

San Callixtus, Italy




vocabulary 4 more catacombs
Vocabulary 4 more catacombs…



Alexandria, Egypt

vocabulary 5
Vocabulary 5

virtuoso: a person who has special skills or abilities in a field

Beethoven best



gait: a manner of, walking, stepping, or running

vocabulary 6
Vocabulary 6

afflicted: to be distressed with mental or physical pain

accost: to approach and speak to, especially in

in an aggressive manner

vocabulary 7
Vocabulary 7

preclude: to prevent; make impossible

retribution: retaliation according to the merits or deserts of an act; especially evil

vocabulary 8
Vocabulary 8

impunity: free from punishment,

harm, or bad consequences

explicit: definitely stated;

clearly expressed or demonstrated

implore: to ask earnestly; to beg

p lot

Sequence of events in a narrative story.

v erbal i rony
verbal irony

Irony is a contrast between appearance and reality usually something unexpected.

Verbal Irony is when a person says one thing but means another.

d ramatic irony
dramatic Irony

When the audience knows something that the character(s) do not.

n arrator

is the person who tells the story; the speaker, a character in the story, or even the author.

p rotagonist

is the main character in the story around whom the main conflict revolves and is often the character that the audience sympathizes with.

m ood

Is the feeling or atmosphere that the author creates in a story. The mood can suggest a specific emotion. The mood can also suggest the quality of a setting, such as somber or calm.

p oint of view
point of view

is the relationship of the narrator to the story


themeis the main idea or message of a literary



Time and place in which the events of a story occur. Setting helps create mood and includes ideas, customs, values, and beliefs of a particular time.

Cask of Amontillado

1800’s; small

town in Italy

during Carnival