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Place Survey Workshop

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Place Survey Workshop. 5 th August 2008 Phil Challoner Communications Manager Paul Wright Head of Communities & Regulatory Services Chris Wright Principal Research Officer, Research Sandwell. Opinions are made to be changed – or how is truth to be got at? Lord Byron.

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Presentation Transcript
place survey workshop
Place Survey Workshop

5th August 2008

Phil Challoner

Communications Manager

Paul Wright

Head of Communities & Regulatory Services

Chris Wright

Principal Research Officer, Research Sandwell

communities in control
Communities in Control

A key government driver is about putting citizens and communities in control:

Examples include:

  • Community Empowerment Action Plan and White Paper
  • Policing Green Paper
what can we do
What can we do?

Need to co-ordinate action on two fronts

  • Service Quality
  • Reputation Management

And consider

  • drivers for improving performance and confidence in the council and its partners
  • targeting our resources
  • key factors that will influence the outcomes of this and other surveys
comprehensive area assessment
Comprehensive Area Assessment

3 key questions:

  • How well do local priorities express community needs and aspirations?
  • How well are the outcomes and improvements needed being delivered?
  • What are the prospects for future improvement?
evidence to support caa
Evidence to support CAA

Might include:

  • Views of service users, residents, community groups, third sector organisations, other stakeholders
  • Self-evaluation
  • National Indicator set and other nationally available data
  • Local performance management information
  • Inspection, regulation and audit findings
  • Other intelligence or briefings
influencing satisfaction
Influencing Satisfaction

Surveys such as the Place Survey and other operational data can help us understand satisfaction levels across the Borough

  • All services have a part to play in influencing overall satisfaction and perceptions of the borough
  • The LGUSS (or BVPI survey) has shown us the key drivers for residents’ satisfaction
  • Evidence shows that by targeting communities or geographical areas where improvements are necessary, we can improve satisfaction scores
the place survey
The Place Survey
  • Replaces the BVPI Satisfaction Surveys
  • A single survey about Place
    • not specific to any one agency or service
    • not specific to any particular client group
  • First survey will be carried out in Autumn 2008, and every 2 years after that
  • Sandwell have commissioned Ipsos MORI to carry out the survey on our behalf

Very similar to the BVPI general survey

  • Run by Councils
  • Postal methodology
  • 1100 responses required
  • Post Office small users address file (PAF) will form the sampling frame
  • The survey begins on 29th September
  • Questions will collect data for 18 of the National Indicators
    • Topics covered include satisfaction with the area as a place to live, voluntary work, ASB, and health
  • Other surveys will collect data for a number of other NIs
  • Additional classificatory questions will enable analysis for groups within the population and areas of the borough
influencing nis
Influencing NIs
  • Service improvements need to be taking place this summer
  • Not just about “playing the game” – more about real changes that are sustainable
  • Probably a number of NIs where your service has a role to play
  • A number of these indicators form part of the LAA, and all 18 have a role in CAA
useful websites
Useful Websites
  • Performance Portal on the Council’s intranet
workshop 1
Workshop 1

How will you and your service area influence residents’ opinion of Sandwell?

workshop 2
Workshop 2

Where should we be targeting our resources for optimum effect?