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Directorate of Public Works Environmental and Natural Resources Division Environmental Management System (EMS) General A - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Directorate of Public Works Environmental and Natural Resources Division Environmental Management System (EMS) General Awareness Training. Keep Fort Rucker “Above The Best.”. Army’s Environmental Mission Statement.

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Presentation Transcript

Directorate of Public WorksEnvironmental and Natural Resources DivisionEnvironmental Management System (EMS)General Awareness Training

Keep Fort Rucker “Above The Best.”

Army s environmental mission statement
Army’s Environmental Mission Statement

  • Integrate environmental values into the Army mission in order to:

    • Sustain readiness

    • Improve the soldier’s quality of life

    • Provide sound stewardship of resources

    • Strengthen community relationships

Dpw environmental and natural resources division mission statement
DPW Environmental and Natural Resources Division Mission Statement

To provide customer assistance to ensure that all organizations and personnel on Fort Rucker can accomplish their missions in full compliance with all environmental laws and regulations and with minimal adverse impact on the environment.

Environmental management system ems
Environmental StatementManagement System (EMS)

  • Provides a framework for managing environmental responsibilities so they become more efficient

    • All environmental programs have been incorporated in to the EMS as specified by Army policy

  • Environmental considerations or requirements integrated into day-to-day practices and overall operations

  • Helps organizations to stay in compliance and continuously improve overall environmental performance

  • Army requires use of the ISO14001 standard for the framework of the EMS all installations

Environmental management system ems1
Environmental Management System (EMS) Statement

  • Each post organization is integrated into the EMS through Environmental Officers / Environmental Point of Contacts

    • All organizations on Fort Rucker must formally appoint an EO or EPOC using USAACE Form 2729, Environmental Officer and EPOC Appointment Memo according to GC Policy Memo 13-35 dated 9 JAN 13.

  • EMS programs shall include measurable environmental goals, objectives, and targets that are reviewed and updated annually

  • Includes all environmental media areas in addition to the significant aspects

Army s environmental program
Army’s Environmental Program Statement


  • Environmental Policy

  • Planning

  • Implementation & Operation

  • Checking & Corrective Action

  • Management


Ems in action
EMS In Action Statement

E = pc2

Environmental policy
Environmental Policy Statement

E = pc2

Prevent Pollution,

Comply with Laws, and Continually Improve




Garrison Commander Memo 13-22 dated 9 JAN 13 establishes Fort Rucker’s Environmental Policy – available at

All installation personnel, including civilians, contractors, and military, are required to be aware of this policy in order to conform with ISO14001

Ems in action1
EMS In Action Statement

Identify aspects and impacts

Ems elements
EMS Elements Statement

  • Environmental Aspect

    • An element of an organization’s activities, products, or services that can interact with the environment

    • The cause

  • Environmental Impact

    • Any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partly resulting from an organization’s activities, products, or services

    • The effect

Review of significant aspects
Review of Significant Aspects Statement

  • The EMS Implementation Team conducts an annual review of functional areas and processes

  • Annual review intended to identify areas that may affect significant aspects as a result of changes in activities, products, or services

  • The significant aspect ranking procedure will then be used for these processes that are identified during the annual review

  • The EMS Management Representative (EMSMR) will also review the significant aspects to ensure that any potential issues are addressed

  • Significant aspects determine what is managed within the EMS framework

Determining significance of aspects
Determining Significance of Aspects Statement

  • Five factors for determining significance:

    • Frequency

    • Environmental Impact

    • Mission Impact

    • Regulatory Impact

    • Community Concerns

Fort rucker significant aspects
Fort Rucker Significant Aspects Statement

All installation personnel should be familiar with the significant aspects and how their activities could impact them

  • Air Emissions

  • Energy Use / Conservation

  • Hazardous Waste Generation

  • Natural Resource Alteration

  • Noise Generation

  • Pollution Prevention

  • Solid Waste Generation

  • Spills to Water / Soil

Ems in action2
EMS In Action Statement

Develop objectives and targets

Ems objectives
EMS Objectives Statement

  • Divert 50% of solid waste

  • Reduce Class II ODCs in new equipment by 100%

  • Ensure all contract maintenance/custodial personnel receive required Asbestos Training prior to working in areas/buildings containing Asbestos

  • Reduce personnel exposure to lead based paint

  • Improve the Section 106 Consultation Process

  • Reduce use of products or processes that degrade the environment

  • Sustainable repairs to stagefields

  • Reduce hazardous waste disposal by 10% by CY15 from CY12 baseline

  • Insert EMS requirements into contracts

  • Increase awareness of environmental requirements for construction projects

  • Reduce energy consumption and increase energy awareness

  • Improve efficiencies and effectiveness within the forestry section and the Natural Resources Branch overall

  • USAACE Form 2724, Objectives and Targets Action Plan, is used to track progress in meeting these objectives

Ems in action3
EMS In Action Statement

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities Statement

  • Defined in procedures and management plans associated with all environmental media areas and relating to significant aspects

    • EMS Master Document List contains a list of all procedures, forms, and plans that are applicable to environmental issues

  • Training classes cover roles and responsibilities for the personnel attending the class

Ems in action4
EMS In Action Statement

  • Training and Awareness

  • EMS Awareness

  • Competence-Based Training

Ems awareness tools
EMS Awareness Tools Statement

  • Everyone working on Fort Rucker must be aware of the EMS – including the policy and how activities may impact the significant aspects

  • Environmental Officers and EPOCs are responsible for ensuring personnel receive EMS awareness training

  • Available tools include:

    • Policy Posters

    • Website

    • EMS Awareness Slides

    • Flying Green Newsletter

    • EMS Brochure

Competence based training
Competence-Based Training Statement

  • Any type of training necessary to complete an assigned job

  • USAACE Form 2702, Environmental Training Matrix, lists all environmental training that may be necessary

  • DPW-ENRD provided training for environmental requirements includes:

    • EO Initial Training (16 hrs) – one time

    • EO/EPOC Refresher Training (4 hrs) – annual

    • HWSAP Manager Course (2 hrs) – annual

    • 90-HWAS Manager Course (2 hrs) – annual

    • DOD HM/HW Handler Course (24 hrs initial / 8 hrs refresher)

    • SPCC Plan Training (2 hrs) – annual

Ems in action5
EMS In Action Statement


Control of Documents

Ems documents
EMS Documents Statement

EMS documents are maintained on the Sustainable Fort Rucker website

  • EMS Audits

  • EMS Forms

  • EMS Implementation

  • EMS Objectives and Targets

  • EMS Plans

  • EMS Posters and Brochures

  • EMS Procedures

  • EMS Training

  • Meetings and Agendas

  • Policy

  • Significant Aspects and Impacts

  • EMS Master Document List

  • EMS Master Record List

Fort rucker environmental website
Fort Rucker StatementEnvironmental Website

  • The official version of all documents is maintained on the Sustainable Fort Rucker website

  • Announcements of new and updated items are included on the News / Updates section on the right side of the home screen

  • Organizations are required to verify that they have the most recent version of all documents prior to use – especially important when completing any forms

Ems in action6
EMS In Action Statement

Audits and Inspections

Ems conformance
EMS Conformance Statement

  • Fort Rucker uses its EMS as a framework to:

    • Ensure more efficient management of the installation’s environmental programs;

    • Help the installation stay in compliance with regulatory requirements; and

    • Help continuously improve overall environmental performance.

  • Fort Rucker’s EMS is mission-focused and integrated into all installation activities

  • EMS conformance is essential to continued success of the environmental programs

  • The EMS status is checked through internal EMS audits

Ems internal audits
EMS Internal Audits Statement

  • Installation-wide internal audit conducted annually in conjunction with internal EPAS

  • Internal audits are used to improve the overall EMS program

  • Corrective actions will be developed and implemented for any issues identified during the audit

  • Findings and corrective actions for the audit will be presented at the EMS Implementation Team Meeting and reviewed with GC during annual management review

Types of inspections
Types of Inspections Statement

  • Internal Compliance Inspections

    • Conducted by personnel internal to the Army

      • Primarily conducted by Fort Rucker Personnel

      • May be conducted by other Army personnel (i.e., Army Environmental Command for external EPAS)

  • External Compliance Inspections

    • Conducted by regulatory agencies

      • Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM)

      • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Ems in action7
EMS In Action Statement

Annual review with GC and EMS Implementation Team

Management review
Management Review Statement

  • Conducted each year as a desk-side review with the Garrison Commander

  • Covers all areas required in the ISO14001 standard:

    • Results of internal audits and evaluations of compliance,

    • Communication(s) from external interested parties, including complaints,

    • The environmental performance of the organization,

    • The extent to which objectives and targets have been met,

    • Status of corrective and preventive actions,

    • Follow-up actions from previous management reviews,

    • Changing circumstances, including developments in legal and other requirements related to its environmental aspects, and

    • Recommendations for improvement.

Poc information
POC Information Statement

  • Melissa Lowlavar, DPW-ENRD

    • Chief, Environmental Management Branch

    • EMS Management Representative

    • 334-255-1653

    • [email protected]