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Steering Committee Meeting

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Steering Committee Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steering Committee Meeting. August 25, 2005 Vanderbilt Center for Better Health Nashville TN. Agenda items. BCBC organization Future Meetings Existing Cores Bioinformatics & Databases Modifying the CBP portfolio Pilot & Feasibility Programs Sharing of reagents

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Steering Committee Meeting

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    1. Steering Committee Meeting August 25, 2005 Vanderbilt Center for Better Health Nashville TN

    2. Agenda items • BCBC organization • Future Meetings • Existing Cores • Bioinformatics & Databases • Modifying the CBP portfolio • Pilot & Feasibility Programs • Sharing of reagents • New Executive Committee member MM

    3. The Beta Cell Biology Consortium External Advisory Board advise NIDDK 4/7 representation provide guidance Executive Committee Coordinating Center propose ideas Steering Committee OB

    4. Steering Committee Membership is determined by the NIDDK Chairperson is selected by the NIDDK and serves at their pleasure Meets biannually Serves primarily as a forum for discussion Decision making is generally by consensus Nonmembers may be invited to attend but cannot vote OB

    5. NIDDK staff Olivier Blondel (Program Director) member of the Executive Committee voting member on the Steering Committee deals with day-to-day operations in close partnership with the BCBC Coordinating Center Sheryl Sato (Project Officer) member of the Executive Committee deals with budget decisions sign-off on progress reports Philip Smith and Kristin Abraham members of the Executive Committee provide additional NIDDK support OB

    6. Executive Committee • Implements directives of the SC • Consists of 4 NIDDK members, 2 SC members and the PI of the Coordinating Center • Meets monthly by teleconference • Oversees operations of the cores and performs secondary review of P&F programs • Provides guidance to Coordinating Center • Two year terms for SC members • A new member is needed OB

    7. BCBC meetings Two meetings annually Fall • High level scientific planning • Review progress of each CBP • Terminate old projects and start new ones Spring • Scientific talks and poster sessions • Focus primarily on students and post-docs • External speakers (as budget allows) MM

    8. Past meetings Retreats & Steering Committee • 2002 - Dulles, Virginia • 2003 - Atlanta, Georgia • 2004 - Chicago, Illinois Steering Committee only • 2001 - Dulles Airport, Virginia • 2002 - San Francisco, California • 2003 - Boston, Mass • 2004 - Chicago, Illinois MM

    9. Spring meeting 2006 • Target date: April or May, 2006. What are the likely conflicts? • We need an organizing chairperson and committee to plan this Retreat. • Will be held in a conference-type hotel near an international airport. MM

    10. Fall meeting 2006 • Target date: September, 2006. • How helpful was facilitation, and should we do it this way again? • Locations with similar facilities: • Cambridge • Chicago • Baltimore • Atlanta • Philadelphia MM

    11. Core Facilities • All cores except for bioinformatics resource at U Penn were reviewed by EC in late 2004/early 2005. • Are there any service or access issues that need to be discussed? MM

    12. Marketing and PR • It has been suggested that information about the BCBC and its activities be developed and distributed. • A PowerPoint description of the BCBC and our joint projects will be placed on website. • What other materials and/or actions are necessary? MM

    13. Website & Databases • A short description of all CBPs will be posted on the website. • How much additional research information should we post? • How do we better populate our existing databases? MM

    14. Modifying the CBP portfolio MM

    15. Pilot & Feasibility Programs MM

    16. Reagent Sharing Policies The BCBC requires sharing of new reagents, protocols and research data with other BCBC-funded participants prior to publication. Sharing prior to publication will be considered a collaboration. New ES cell clones or mice will be made available to the public at large one year after creation OR following first publication. Language will be generated following this retreat regarding sharing of mice, cells and data. Sharing policies will have to be signed by all PIs and business offices and sent back prior to October 15, 2005. SS

    17. New EC Member OB

    18. Are there any other issues for general discussion at this point? MM

    19. Thank you for coming! MM