Joint working between lb hillingdon and pct to deliver bercow recommendations
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Joint working between LB Hillingdon and PCT to deliver Bercow Recommendations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joint working between LB Hillingdon and PCT to deliver Bercow Recommendations. Satwinder Saraon (Children’s Specialist Services Manager, LBH) Freda O’Driscoll (Clinical Service Lead, Paediatric Therapies) April 2010. BERCOW REVIEW.

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Joint working between lb hillingdon and pct to deliver bercow recommendations l.jpg

Joint working between LB Hillingdon and PCT to deliver Bercow Recommendations

Satwinder Saraon (Children’s Specialist Services Manager, LBH)

Freda O’Driscoll(Clinical Service Lead, Paediatric Therapies)

April 2010

Bercow review l.jpg
BERCOW REVIEW Bercow Recommendations

  • A National centrally commissioned review of provision for children and young people with SLCN

  • 40 Bercow Recommendations:

    To improve provision for children and young people with SLCN.

    To improve understanding of the importance of communication

Bercow driver for change l.jpg
Bercow Driver for Change Bercow Recommendations

  • To ensure that early identification and interaction are recognised as essential

  • Over arching understanding that no single agency can deliver the 5 ECM outcomes in isolation.

    Aim: To jointly plan, commission, and deliver

    universal, targeted and specialist services

Bercow recommendations l.jpg
Bercow Recommendations Bercow Recommendations

  • Development of a Joint Commissioning Framework

    • SLCN Steering group

    • Operational group established

Recommendations cont d l.jpg
Recommendations Bercow Recommendationscont’d

  • Robust system for early identification

    • Early screening and intervention for SLCN

    • Clear pathways to be agreed

    • Health Promotion/ Prevention

    • Training

    • Monthly triage assessment

Recommendations cont d6 l.jpg
Recommendations Bercow Recommendationscont’d

  • Monitoring at Key Transition Points between LA & PCT

    • Year 7 school transition groups for Children with SLCN

    • Speech / Language link

    • Transition information Secondary Schools

Recommendations cont d7 l.jpg
Recommendations Bercow Recommendationscont’d

  • 0-5 years monitoring by PCT through “Child Health Promotion Programme”

    • Leaflets / parent information packs

    • Universal Health questionnaires

    • 8 months and 2 years

    • ECAT- Every Child A Talker

Recommendations cont d8 l.jpg
Recommendations Bercow Recommendationscont’d

  • Range of information, advice and support should be readily available to families.

    • Preschool and school age information packs and resources

    • Training of HV Teams to support parent information/advice

    • Speech and Language Link resources and information

    • Joined up working between schools, Health and

      Education across universal, targeted and

      specialist support

    • Information available through Children’s Information

      Services (early years)

Recommendations cont d9 l.jpg
Recommendations Bercow Recommendationscont’d

  • SLCN – identified and prioritised by all Children’s Centres.

    • New Commissioning opportunities

    • Wellcomm

    • Monthly drop-in triage assessment session

    • Training for Children’s Centres

Recommendations cont d10 l.jpg
Recommendations Bercow Recommendationscont’d

Workforce development

  • Range of training for a range of professionals to be developed.

  • SCLN workstream mapping current training provision and identifying gaps/ current and future needs/ tracking impact.

  • Supporting SpeechLink / Wellcomm Tools

  • Training Teaching Assistants

  • Training for Foundation Staff (KS1)

  • ELKLAN – Link highly skilled TAs.

Slide11 l.jpg

SLT Bercow Recommendationsand LAS; Mainstream Schools Integrated Model For Joint WorkingWave 1 – Universal

w Embed Screening Tool ( SpeechLink and LanguageLink) w Provide Parental Information

wAdvising on Language Group work in schools wInclusion Development Plan (IDP Team, SO’B)

w Provision planning in schools w Language enrichment and the curriculum

w Vocabulary Project – Secondary Pilot w Joint planning – general SLCN in schools

w Training including IDP team

Wave 2 – Targeted

w Joint planning – caseload / input / support

w Language groups – advice, support and monitoring (Amber children

w Amber children – speech, dysfluency etc.

w Targeted training w Advice for Teaching Assistants

w Curriculum Differentiation

w ELKLAN Training – Class Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Wave 3 – Specialist

w Social communication

w Severe Language Disorders

w Severe Speech Disorders

w AAC Needs

w Physical Disabilities

w Hearing Impairment

w Selective Mutes

w Severe Dysfluencies / Stammering

w Complex medical conditions (Acquired Brain Injury [ABI], Cleft Palate, Down’s Syndrome)

Led by Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Led by Language Advisory Team

May be provided by SALT and / or Language Advisory Team (Joint planning and discussion)

Further support from/ linking with IDP team

Identification early intervention speechlink language link the package l.jpg
Identification Early Intervention – SpeechLink/ Language Bercow RecommendationsLinkThe package

  • Computer based speech screen for developmental speech difficulties (recommended age for use 4-8 years)

  • Web site with detailed information and resources on supporting children with speech difficulties

  • To be administered by teacher or teaching assistant who can then directly access and implement speech sound programmes based on individual child’s profile.

The screen l.jpg
The screen Bercow Recommendations

  • For children aged 4-8 years

  • Language Link screen for all children on reception entry.

  • Speech Link screened for any child with “immature Speech”

  • Looks at the ability to produce sounds at the beginning and end of words

  • Both screens takes 15 minutes each to

    administer by TA’s or Teachers

Speech link website l.jpg
Speech Link Website Bercow Recommendations

  • Speech development information

  • Handouts for parents

  • Full range of speech programmes

  • Printable picture resources

  • Demonstration video

  • Computer based speech games

Language link website l.jpg
Language Link Website Bercow Recommendations

  • Language development

  • Language difficulties explained

  • Encouraging spoken language

  • General classroom strategies

  • Handouts for parents

  • Range of language programmes for school


  • Printable picture resources

Next steps l.jpg
Next Steps Bercow Recommendations

  • 49 Schools currently signed up to the training

  • Training programme June/September

  • Screening starts in September for language for all Reception aged children

  • January- Screening for speech

  • Continuing Operational Group work streams to

    deliver on Bercow priorities