Gen 45 the truth revealed
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Gen. 45 The Truth Revealed. By: Elizabeth Demere , Emma MacCurdy and Nadijah Pardue. Egypt. The Story. Joseph goes to meet his family whom he hasn’t since he was a kid. They cried of joy when they saw him

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Gen 45 the truth revealed

Gen. 45The Truth Revealed

By: Elizabeth Demere, Emma MacCurdy and NadijahPardue


The story
The Story

  • Joseph goes to meet his family whom he hasn’t since he was a kid.

  • They cried of joy when they saw him

  • “God, therefore, sent me on ahead of you to ensure for you a remnant on the earth and to save your lives in an extraordinary deliverance.” (Genesis 45:7)

  • They packed their belongings and moved to Egypt and Joseph provided for all of the families

Story continued
Story continued…

  • The Pharaoh promises Joseph that his family will have the best land in Egypt.

  • Joseph gives Benjamin 300 shekels of silver and 5 sets of garments.

  • Israel was dumfounded and excited that his favorite song was alive.

    THE END 

Literal sense
Literal Sense…

  • Literal Sense= meaning

    Joseph, the main character, reveals himself to his brothers who sold him into slavery. He forgives his brothers and they rejoice with him. The Pharaohgives Joseph’s reunited family land. Joseph recognizes that God was behind him the entire time.

Moral senses
Moral Senses

  • The moral of the story is…

    • Believe God and follow what He instructs you to do.

    • Forgiving others after they have wronged you. (Even if they sold you into slavery)

Allegorical sense
Allegorical Sense

  • Typology is present in the story of Joseph

  • Joseph is a type of Christ through his actions

  • For Example: When Joseph comes back to his family, whom thought he was dead, and forgave them, he is acting like Jesus when Jesus resurrected from the dead.

Anagogical senses
Anagogical Senses

  • “God has made me Lord of all Egypt”

    (Gen 45:9)

  • Putting faith in god will help us get to heaven and help us grow closer to the people we love.

  • Also we need to forgive like Joseph forgave his brothers after they sold him to the merchants.