Social media and online commerce
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Social media and online commerce. Cunning Title. Thomas Purves, April 22, 2007 . Table of Contents. Cases Dell ideastorm (great massive response, but selection bias for sure) Specialized bycicles Rider’s club

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Social media and online commerce

Social media and online commerce

Cunning Title

Thomas Purves, April 22, 2007

Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • Cases

  • Dell ideastorm (great massive response, but selection bias for sure)

  • Specialized bycicles Rider’s club


  • Flyer talk and other forums ( evening information asymmetry), harder if you’re not making leading products, but makes customers happy. Need, want, validation (rationalize buyers remorse)

  • Microsoft/scoble

  • JPG magazine, and threadless

  • Apple most talked about, but lathery predictions (meh)


  • What social media means, requires/demands

  • -transparency, accountability, trust and fun , authenticity

  • Changing media, email is dying as a consumer medium, will hold out a little while long in business but business will go the same way: mass media shifting, blogs, social networking (facebook), social presence, IM and SMS

  • Consumers are wary and oversaturated by advertising. Just trust each other, blogs hold a lot of sway even though reach of each blog is small. Physical online/offline presence helps.

  • Savviest customers hardest to reach (but are these the most important?) new, shifting gatekeepers

  • But everything is googleable. Control google’s perspective of you (meh)

  • 3 spheres of social media, inter/extra/intra net zones

  • Answer this question: If your customers could talk to each other, what would they say?

  • What about age and gender difference? I dunno

  • Things to do with social media: promotion, self-service, co-creation and product dev

  • Communities are becoming common, get in there in the niches before others so (land grab, like domains in the 90s meh) so thank and appreciate your users. Thank them and thank them again.

  • Rapid and agile development, costs for building communities though talent and real exp are rarer

3 models of leveraging community
3 models of leveraging community now…

  • Promotion

    • Specialized

  • Self-support

    • NCIX

  • Peer-production


    • Dell IdeaStorm

    • Threadless

    • JPG Magazine

Specialized rider s club
Specialized Rider’s Club now…

  • Questions for Chris – lessons learned, uptake, membership #’s (thousands, what does this represent of customers, cyclists), for dealers as well as end customers

  • Over 10,000 members in 5 months since launch

  • Online/offline experience. Signup and activity online/offline

  • Metrics are an issue, quality of users not just quantity. Brandbuilding and loyalty – hard to measure in the short term. Opt out vs opt in

  • Connects dealers as well as riders. Community centers around dealers and riders

  • What it does show a profile

  • Cutting across all demographics. Not just the young. Pple take to it naturally

  • If your customers could talk to each other what would they say?

Dell ideastorm
Dell: now…Ideastorm

Ncix com now…

  • Presales support

  • Many, many sku’s

  • User’s maintain product info, upload images, discuss and recommend hardware

  • Active users rewarded with “points” as recognition and redeemable for product

Dell blog1
Dell blog now…

  • Post reply to idea storm ideas

Email is for old people
Email is for old people now…

  • New media

  • RSS goes mainstream, feedburner gives you metrics, is the glue for everything

  • Social presence: status updates, twitter, jaiku, plazes

Cunning title

Gm blogging and flickr
GM Blogging and now…Flickr

  • Costs: People time, all other costs insignificant

  • Positive ROI of executive blogging (200k/year)

Cunning title

Internet now…

Communities includingend customers,stakeholders, public



Communities includingbusiness & channel partners, etc

Communities ofemployees.

Twitter now…

Mad dog in the fog

Specialized now…

You customers might provide even better support than you can
You Customers might provide even better support than you can now…

Cunning title
Do! now…

  • Support open standards (microformats, rss, mashability)

  • Love your 1%

  • Be authentic

  • Take a chance, let your community be in charge