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中文英国议会制辩论的推广 PowerPoint Presentation
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中文英国议会制辩论的推广 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Promoting BP Mandarin. 中文英国议会制辩论的推广. 曾庆熹 CDEN. BP Mandarin: Status quo. Frist Introduction: IDEA-BFSU & CHINA OPEN, 2009-2010 将 BP 引入中文: IDEA- 北外辩论赛与中国辩论公开赛 Two Tournaments: CHINA OPEN & CDEN Regional 赛事:中国辩论公开赛与 CDEN 各地区赛 Participants: More and more, over 70 teams in CHINA OPEN

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Promoting BP Mandarin



bp mandarin status quo
BP Mandarin: Status quo
  • Frist Introduction: IDEA-BFSU & CHINA OPEN, 2009-2010


  • Two Tournaments: CHINA OPEN & CDEN Regional


  • Participants: More and more, over 70 teams in CHINA OPEN


advertise bp mandarin
Advertise BP Mandarin
  • You might think about:
  • Write a letter to the teacher who is in charge of the Mandarin debate program of university.
  • But the situation is:
  • As official national university debate competitions are dying in China today, there are few universities still have Mandarin debate program like debate team running by the university, which means no teacher in charge you can write to.
advertise bp mandarin1
Advertise BP Mandarin
  • You might also think about:
  • Ask the English debate team of those universities to contact their Mandarin team. Make registration policy like “3 English + 1 Mandarin” package.
  • But the situation is:
  • For a variety of reasons, English team and Mandarin team in the same university may not know each other well enough. Some teams may get their junior registered as Mandarin to fit the policy.
advertise bp mandarin2
Advertise BP Mandarin
  • And we also know:
  • There are still so many students in universities who love Mandarin debate. Lots of them created their own debate clubs and teams which don’t have teachers in charge.
  • The most powerful communication tool in and between those clubs and teams is Internet, especially social networks like QQ group, Renren, Weibo and Wechat.
  • Two major concerns for most Mandarin debaters to join tournaments: 1.Cost 2.Authorization from their university.
advertise bp mandarin3
Advertise BP Mandarin
  • So here is what we can do:
  • Use Internet to advertise tournaments as much as you can. Create your own social network account, or use accounts CDEN already have.
  • Contact some Mandarin debaters and coaches (usually senior students) of those teams. Ask them to spread the news.
  • Make it clear in the invitation message (if this is true in your tournament policy): 1.We will help participants to cover part of the cost 2.We don’t need any document from them to prove they are the authorized team (Lots of Mandarin debate competitions need it. If you need it too, contact Youth League of those universities).
advertise bp mandarin4
Advertise BP Mandarin
  • Accounts CDEN already have:
  • QQ group:
  • 220684038 (China Debate Network)
  • 257925289 (Southwest) 160508025 (Northeast)
  • Renren:
  • Wechat: CDEN2013
advertise bp mandarin5
Advertise BP Mandarin
  • Online Training and Competition Platforms (OTCP)
  • On close beta test now
  • Already used in Chinese debate for 5 years
  • Easy switch to BP
  • Few cost to organizer and participants
  • Free PC & Smart Phone software (YY Voice)
  • No transportation & lodging
  • No date & time limit
  • Adaptive
  • Training, Demo, Competition & Tournament
  • Regional, National & International
  • English & Mandarin
run two division s
Run Two Divisions
  • In general, the major problem of running two divisions is workload doubled, which means more classrooms, volunteers, judges and tabbing in need.
  • There are some items you may need pay special attention to: judge assignment, rounds schedule and bilingual service.
run two division s1
Run Two Divisions

Judge assignment

  • Theoretically, all the Chinese judges can judge Mandarin division, including English teachers. So you could set all the Chinese judges in Mandarin division and tell them it’s their duties to judge whatever rooms the director asks them to.
  • This solution need to be improved as CDEN developing. A) Some English teachers complained that they would like to have more opportunities to improve their English teaching by judging English debate, but they were assigned to Mandarin repeatedly. Meanwhile, some English teachers would like to judge Mandarin debate as the intellectual depth that debaters in mother language could reach. B) Some Mandarin-only judges complained that they were assigned to bye(轮空)repeatedly. It seemed that Everythingtab put the two divisions judges in first place when pairing.
run two division s2
Run Two Divisions

Judge assignment

  • So here is what we can do:
  • Create a choice question in your tournament application form for judges like this: I’m willing to judge a. English only b. Mandarin only c. either
  • Count the number of every choice and check if there are enough judges for each division. If not, balance it by inviting independent judges or talking to some judges and asking them to help by doing either.
  • Set the balanced judges list into Everythingtab, pairing as usual.
  • It will be much better if each division has an CA.
run two division s3
Run Two Divisions

Rounds schedule

  • For a variety of reasons, the English and Mandarin divisions may be quite different in size. So there is no need to keep them always in the same rounds schedule.
  • The best time to have some difference is the first elimination round. For example, semi-finals for English and no semi-finals for Mandarin. Remember to have enough motions for all the rounds, especially the only-one-division round.
run two division s4
Run Two Divisions

Bilingual service

  • Remember: Some judges, debaters and teachers in Mandarin division may not have enough language ability to survive an English-only event.
  • Please make all the documents and announcements bilingual .
  • For motions, it’s better to have them translated before the tournament start. You can send them to some partners to recheck if the translation is comprehensible to Mandarin debaters.
run two division s5
Run Two Divisions

Inspire Participants’ Self-Management

  • Pre-check in online:
  • 1) Use QQ group, Renren or other social network to post the entry list days before the tournament start. Ask all the participants to check all the information on that list.
  • 2) Make sure it’s very clear to all the participants: it’s the participants’ duty to feedback, no matter their information is right or wrong in the list. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee correctness of their information.
  • 3) Correct all the mistakes, then post the new list and wait for feedback. Repeat this procedure at least three times.
  • 4) If you want to use social network accounts CDEN already have, contact Tiger.
run two division s6
Run Two Divisions

Inspire Participants’ Self-Management

  • Public Pledge on Self-Discipline:
  • 1) You can create Public Pledge on Self-Discipline. You can print them on papers and ask all the participants to sign on it as confirmation.
  • 2)Such as: Participants can not impact the tournament by their irresponsible behavior such as halfway quitting. Otherwise, we may have to adjust the tournament even if that could harm the interests of the actor. For example, other teams from their university may be dropped out if the total number of teams or judges need to be rebalanced.