2000 20010 atlantic technical magnet high school n.
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2000 - 20010 Atlantic Technical Magnet High School PowerPoint Presentation
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2000 - 20010 Atlantic Technical Magnet High School

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2000 - 20010 Atlantic Technical Magnet High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2000 - 20010 Atlantic Technical Magnet High School
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  1. 2000 - 20010Atlantic Technical Magnet High School What we want you to know

  2. Am I in my “assigned seat when the bell rings? Did I bring class supplies? Did I remove head phones and other electronics from view? Did I properly store my Cell phone? Did I use decorum when I entered the room and moved through the hallways? Did I act properly and not disturb classmates? Did I stay on task and not surf the net? Did I return class materials to appropriate location? Was I in my Uniform? Did I push in my chair and power down the equipment properly? Professional Work HabitsCan You Answer Yes?

  3. ATC Discipline Out of Uniform Shirts must be worn at all times! • 1st: After School Detention • 2nd Detention and Parent Contact • 3rd Administrative Referral • Consistent failure to wear a uniform shirt -Insubordination • Failure to comply will result in 1-3 day external suspension

  4. ATC Discipline Matrix • ID Badges • Each student must have them on their person and be able to produce their badge when asked. • ID Badges will be needed in the lunch room • Badges must be worn on field trips • $5.00 fee to replace lost badge

  5. Electronic DevicesOn or Publicly Displayed • 1st • Item is confiscated and turned in to office until following day: parent conference • 2nd • Item is confiscated and turned In to office; parent conference; detention • 3rd • Item confiscated and turned in to office; parent conference; Administrative referral for insubordination

  6. Tardiness • 1st • Warning • 2nd • Detention • 3rd • Detention and parent contact • 4th • Administrative Referral

  7. Immediate Administrative Referral Parents will be contacted • Cutting Class • Unserved Detention • Leaving Campus Without Permission

  8. Infraction • Violation of class/school rules • Profanity directed at other students • Wearing of Hats or other head gear • 1st: Verbal reprimand or student conference • 2nd: Seat change, removal, detention, parent contact • 3rd: Removal from class, parents contacted, two detentions • 4th: Administrative referral and phone call to parents

  9. Academic Plagiarism • 1st: • “F” on assignment Parent contact • 2nd: • “F” on assignment, Administrative referral preceded by parent contact

  10. Honor Code Violations • Assignment of a grade of zero to the test, quiz, or other assessment • Determination of disciplinary consequences by Administrator/Instructor. • Detention, Referral, Suspension, • Loss of eligibility for Membership NHS • Dismissal from NHS • Teachers can have students sign Honor Code statement verify student work.

  11. Profanity towards teacher Insubordination Aggressive Behavior Bullying and Cyber bullying Misuse/Damage of Technology Violation of Acceptable Use Policy Drug/Alcohol Abuse Fighting/Battery Forgery/Plagiarism Gambling Pornography Sexual Offenses Major Theft Tobacco Use Vandalism Weapons/Arson/Threatening Referral / Suspension / Parent Contact

  12. Referrals • All will be preceded by documented parent contact by teacher • Written within 48 hours after offense • Administrators will reply within 48 hours of receiving referral

  13. Eligibility RequirementsDay Trip • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 • No grade of “F” in any class • No obligations and/or unserved detentions • Not permitted to participate while suspended • May not be absent from school on the day of activity. • Student will be sent home if attends

  14. Overnight Field Trips • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 in each class • No more than a total of 30 hours • (or 5 absences) per each 18 weeks • Maximum 1 detention each 18 weeks • No obligations and /or un-served detentions • No suspensions during school year Prior to FCAT: must score level 3 or above in both reading and math – (previous year’s)

  15. Discipline and National Honor Society • Students are in good character unless documentation of a disciplinary action. • Action taken by school, community or state • Administration action and parent contacted Students whose records contain this type of documentation may be denied acceptance, dismissed pending a hearing.

  16. Late Work PolicySchool Board of Broward County • Students have two class days to make up the work for each EXCUSED class absent • not including the day of return. • Previously assigned work is due • Due day of return • Daily homework assignments: credit ONLY when submitted on time

  17. Atlantic Technical Center Late Work Policy • Daily homework assignments in All grades receive credit ONLY when submitted on time. • Late Papers and Projects: • Grades 11/ 12: No work will be accepted after due date • 10th grade: 1 day 50% penalized-no work accepted after the first day late • 9th 1 day 10%- no work accepted after the first day late