New directions for student success abp col curricular integration
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New Directions for Student Success: ABP – COL Curricular Integration. February 23, 2012. The Mission.

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New directions for student success abp col curricular integration

New Directions for Student Success: ABP – COL Curricular Integration

February 23, 2012

The mission
The Mission

Zayed University seeks to prepare students for meaningful and successful 21st century personal and professional lives; to graduate students who will help shape the future of the region and the world; to support the economic and social advancement of the UAE; to lead innovation in higher education through teaching, learning, research, and outreach; and to do so in a culturally diverse, humane, technologically advanced, and increasingly global environment.

Mission of university college
Mission of University College

University College offers high quality foundational education, the Colloquy, to students and prepares them for their future majors and eventual employment. The experience instills in the students a desire for life-long learning, fosters intellectual curiosity, and engenders critical thinking. The Colloquy program initiates the baccalaureate career of all ZU students.

Reasons for curricular integration of abp uc
Reasons for Curricular Integration of ABP-UC

  • Stakeholders’ Concerns

  • Students’ Profile

  • Students’ Stagnating Academic Preparation

  • Need for Early Integration of Science, Math, Technology

  • Need to Re-Brand and Upgrade ABP Experience

  • Domain Specific Lexical Ability Enhancement

  • Need for Language-level appropriate readings in GA Sequence

    • Articulation with ABP for Vocabulary development

Stakeholders concerns
Stakeholders’ Concerns

  • External Suggestions

  • Internal Imperatives

Students profile
Students’ Profile

  • Enrollment grew by 27% in 2011

  • 96% of students are Nationals

  • 21% of students on some form of financial aid/support

  • 18% of ZU’s student population (7,122) come from Emirates other than Abu Dhabi and Dubai

  • Entering students are generally deficient in math, general knowledge (global awareness) and study skills, and many in Arabic.

  • 34% of ZU’s student population are in the ABP

  • 3113 or approximately 43% students in UC Fall 2011

  • 679 sections of GE courses being taught Spring 2012; 773 F’11

  • 80% of new 2011 students entered the ABP

  • 76% of students entering the ABP entered at Level 5 or below

Students stagnating academic preparation
Students’ Stagnating Academic Preparation


These are from ABP exam samples.

IELTS Exits COL 240 – Fall 2010

IELTS of Majors – Fall 2010

New directions for student success abp col curricular integration

Academic Bridge/Colloquy on Integrated Learning Master Plan 1/2

Assessment (4.0) Assessment (5.0)

Disciplinary integration into abp
Disciplinary Integration into ABP

Assessment AssessmentAssessment

English streaming in colloquy on integrated learning
English Streaming in Colloquy on Integrated Learning

Language level appropriate ga sequence
Language-Level Appropriate GA Sequence

COL 150

  • Designated Reading Intensive

  • Flesch-Kincaid for Level Check

  • Streaming based on IELTS

  • Changed Syllabus

  • Intensive Language Teaching

    • In a L2 environment we are all language teachers

Process of change
Process of Change

  • Formation of Committees

  • Recommendation of Committees

  • Collaboration between ABP and UC at all times

  • Establish a 12-18 month timeline for proposed changes

  • Participation of faculty and administration in the process

  • Aim for a 2013-2014 full-fledged launch