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Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative

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Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative
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Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative

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  1. Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative P.I.L. UPDATES

  2. REGION 8 GROW: Novice principals 1-3 years October 25th and 26th – Unit 1 26 participants: 11 – IU 4 7 – IU 5 5 – IU 6 3 – IU 28 SUPPORT: Experienced administrators October 30th and 31st – Unit 1 24 participants: 9 – IU 4 6 – IU 5 5 – IU 6 4 – IU 28

  3. GROW PARTNERSHIP Principals Leadership Induction Network (PLI) and the PA Inspired Leadership Initiative (PIL), both projects of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, have partnered to provide a mentoring program to support the novice school leaders participating in the GROW Program. Mentors are experienced, current or recently retired administrators who are interested in providing guidance, support and resources to the novice school leaders who are enrolled in the GROW Program.

  4. INTERESTED IN BEING A MENTOR? Look for more information on the PLI website:

  5. Leadership In Action LEADERSHIP IN ACTION PROJECT: A Proactive Approach to Continuous School Improvement

  6. CENTRAL MISSION CONNECTIONS, CONNECTIONS, CONNECTIONS Support Program Content & Interactions/Discussions ▲▼ Core Leadership Standards ▲▼ Student Achievement ▲▼ Work as School Leaders

  7. PURPOSES OF PROJECT • Demonstrate mastery of the 3 “Core” PA Leadership Standards (accountability) • To increase student achievement through a new or recently established initiative in your district • To align the project to • School’s or district’s vision • PDE High Leverage Practices, Quality Teaching • Use of data to inform decisions regarding the project

  8. STAGE ONEThe leader has the knowledge and skills to think and plan strategically, creating an organizational vision around personalized student success. Select a project and develop a rationale that addresses the following questions: • How is your project aligned to your school/district’s vision? • How does best practice guide your decision? • What data support the need for your project?

  9. STAGE TWO (Day 4)The leader is grounded in standards-based systems theory and design and is able to transfer that knowledge to his/her job as the architect of standards-based reform in the school. Provide evidence that your project is aligned to the least one of the following areas from PDE’s High Leverage Practices, Quality Teaching: • Highly qualified and effective teachers • Curriculum that is rigorous, intentional and aligned to state standards • Assessment strategies that continuously monitor and modify instruction to meet student needs and support student proficiency. Targeted assistance (safety nets) for students.

  10. STAGE 3 (Day 6)The leader knows how to access and use appropriate data to inform decision-making at all levels of the system. • How did the district/school leadership use data to inform decisions? • How was data monitored and tracked during the implementation of this project? • What type of data were collected? • How were the “root causes” identified as relating to this project?

  11. GALLERY WALK • Completed or progressing project will be displayed/presented on final day (Day 7). • Electronic copy will be provided to PDE to validate successful mastery of the “Core” PA Leadership Standards. • Stakeholders from districts, PDE, Regional and Advisory Committees will be invited for the celebration of participants’ accomplishments.

  12. JOURNAL • Record of your thinking as it relates to the project • Open-ended with no rules or structures • Diary of ideas, decisions, beliefs, problems, surprises, questions • Subjective record of project’s development • Entries stimulated by readings, Support discussions and workplace leadership issues

  13. LEADERSHIP COURSES Visit the eLearning website at: