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Surviving Middle School PowerPoint Presentation
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Surviving Middle School

Surviving Middle School

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Surviving Middle School

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  1. Surviving Middle School By: Waverly Webb

  2. The Goal of this Presentation • Many people, mostly grades that are close to going to middle, fear the time to move on to go to middle school. • This is why I made this presentation. • Here’s a famous quote I heard from a speech of a man. • “The only thing we need to fear is fear itself.”(President Roosevelt) • This is what help me to give me the courage to take that chance and move on.

  3. Tip #1 Be Prepared • Have all the supplies ready you need for each class daily because the teachers will sign your conduct log. • After a few weeks from the first day of school they take it seriously. • Make them happy!

  4. Tip# 2 Don’t Skip Breakfast • It’s not ok to skip breakfast, if it happens at home eat breakfast at school. • Some of the consequences are, brain won’t work at school, you may have first lunch or second lunch. • Get that brain starting sleeping is not the only way to help your brain.

  5. Tip #3 Use Your Time Wisely Don’t spend time socializing, like oh, nice shirt, or hey, I like your hair. You must use it wisely to get your needs and got to class before the tardy bell. Use the restroom quickly as possible. If I were you, I would let the teacher know I’m going to the restroom instead of having to say I was at the restroom, everyday.

  6. Tip #4 Learn Computer Schools • You will have to type and create papers, presentations. • Learn how to use different Microsoft offices.

  7. Tip #5: Do NOT Fall Behind • Do not procrastinate. You will have assignments and project to do. • It may be important while, you’re in wonderland dancing with Humpy Dumpy. • I didn’t say this to be mean, but it’s really important. • It can cause bad, serious grades.

  8. How Time Is Spent In Middle School

  9. Your Uniform • You will have to wear navy blue pants skirts or shorts. You have to wear a yellow BCA shirt, your ID and a belt. How You Will Look Policies

  10. Real Middle School Video