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  • Uploaded on Tornado. Michala Brent W we. Tornado Facts.

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tornado facts
Tornado Facts
  • The garden-variety tornado can be as high as 110 mph, or 175 km/h and measure up to 250 feet (or 75 meters) across. On the other hand, some of the more destructive tornadoes feature wind speeds as high as 300 mph (or480 km/h) and above. They can measure more than a mile across and prevail on the ground for 12 miles or more.

tornado facts1

Tornado Facts
  • strong rotation visible in the cloud base
  • greenish, dark sky
  • large high wall of clouds
  • large hail
  • a visible funnel shaped cloud
  • a loud roaring sound, stronger than the consistent wind
  • very calm wind during an ongoing storm
  • small, bright flashes at ground level under a thunderstorm in the distance could be a tornado snapping power lines
tornado facts2
Tornado Facts
  • FUNNEL CLOUDS CAN BE DANGEROUS! Even if a funnel cloud does not reach the ground, it can still cause significant damage. Even if it appears to be above the ground. Don't go near it.

fun facts about tornados
Fun Facts About Tornados
  • A tornado traveled 275 miles across Lake Ontario, New York and Lake Champlain.

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah unleased 115 tornadoes over Texas

Hurricane Beulah moved into South Texas, and torrential rains from the hurricane turned the rich agricultural areas of South Texas into a large lake. Beulah also spawned a record 115 tornadoes.

tornado aftermath
Tornado Aftermath
  • Seven deaths and 150 injuries are attributed to the Picher tornado. According to preliminary damage assessments conducted Monday, the storm damaged 167 homes in Ottawa County. Of those, 114 were destroyed, 30 sustained major damage and seven had minor damage.


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