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SAKAI TUTORIAL. Getting Started. What is Sakai?.

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sakai tutorial


Getting Started

what is sakai
What is Sakai?

Sakai is the new Learning Management System for Bethel University. It provides online classes in a format that is easy to understand and easy to use. It is a leap forward for students to have access to a digital learning environment in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

my workspace
My Workspace

When you first log into Sakai you will enter a white screen with a blue header that says “LAMP”. This is your individual workspace.

before we begin
Before We Begin

To get the best view of Sakai you may need to change your Screen Resolution. The higher the Resolution the better. Right click on your Desktop and click “Properties” or “Screen Resolution” (depending on your version of Windows) to change your Resolution.

*Don’t forget to hit Apply after you change your Settings*

my workspace1
My Workspace

From here you can:

  • See any upcoming announcements
  • Take any open Evaluations
  • Control your Memberships
  • Edit your personal profile
  • Check out your Schedule
  • And More!!
  • *Note* - Your personal workspace may not look exactly like this.
finding your course
Finding Your Course

At the top of your Workspace you will find tabs for any online course you are currently in. Click that tab to enter that course.

navigating a course
Navigating a Course

Once inside your course you will notice the appearance of the site will change to the Bethel University Theme. The site will be set up very similar to “Your Workstation” with only a few differences.

naming of course listings
Naming of Course Listings

For our purposes all course listings will follow the same naming convention. It will start with “BU_” and will be followed by the course number and term.

EX. BU_CIS 462 FA-12

how to return to a page
How to Return to a Page

The back button does not work as you would expect in Sakai. If you ever need to return to the previous page hit the blue reset button at the top of the Sakai page. It looks very similar to the picture below…

course homepage
Course Homepage

Your Course Homepage will look very similar to the one in the next slide. Notice how your courses are still at the top of the page and how you have a few new tabs on the left hand side as opposed to your “Workspace”.

course tabs
Course Tabs

Within each course is a set of course tabs.

These tabs help you navigate the site in an

easy way.

course tabs1
Course Tabs

With these tabs you can:

  • Read any announcements
  • Check out any Assignments
  • See your grades
  • Follow your Modules to stay on track
  • Pull up any current resources
  • Check out your schedule and syllabus
  • Take any Tests or Quizzes that are open.
  • *Note* - Your tabs may not appear exactly the same.

Most classes will be set up in a modular format under the “Assignments” tab. This is a very straightforward listing of assignments and tasks that need to be completed on a weekly basis.


Example of Modular Format:

By clicking the “Assignments” tab you will be taken to a screen similar to the one on the right.

You can easily navigate through the links to ensure that you are completing the assigned material.

tests quizzes
Tests & Quizzes

On the “Test & Quizzes” tab you can take any assignment that is open for the current week. Tests and Quizzes may only be taken once and will usually be graded instantly.


The “Resources” tab is where all extra materials not contained within the “Modules” can be found. This includes links, pictures, brochures, etc.

drop box
Drop Box

Drop box is a useful tool that allows you to have a custom, private storage box that is viewable only by you and your instructor. Once you log in for the first time a “Drop Box” is automatically created for you. It works much like an email attachment does.


One of the best things about Sakai is that the “Help” tab is very useful for finding the answer to frequently asked questions. Be sure to check it out first if you have any problems navigating or using Sakai.