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Final Exams

Final Exams. Section 11 – Friday, May 10 3:00 P M – 5:00 PM Section 13 – Thursday, Dec . 13 8:00 A M – 10:00 A M. Review Sessions. Monday, April 29 at 4 :00pm in 219 ARM Friday, May 3 at 1:00pm in 206 ARM Open to ALL sections. What is PowerPoint?. Title slide.

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Final Exams

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  1. Final Exams • Section 11 – Friday, May 10 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM • Section 13 – Thursday, Dec. 13 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Review Sessions • Monday, April 29 at 4:00pm in 219 ARM • Friday, May 3 at 1:00pm in 206 ARM • Open to ALL sections

  2. What is PowerPoint? Title slide Title and Content slide Title and Content slide using Smart Art Title slide with Clip Art image

  3. Normal View Slides tab Slide pane Outline tab Status bar Notes pane

  4. Status Bar Fit slide to current window Slide number Theme name Views

  5. Notes Page View View tab Slide Notes

  6. Slide Sorter View Transition set Slide number

  7. Reading View Title bar Menu Navigation Views

  8. Slide Show View

  9. Presenter View Speaker notes Audience view of slide Presenter view of slide

  10. Presentation Planning • Your goal? • Your audience? • Understanding of topic? • Needs? • Expectations? • Interest level?

  11. Storyboard Content Layout Visual Elements

  12. Storyboard to Presentation Introduction Key topics Title slide Summary Key topics

  13. Assess the Content • Use active voice • Use parallel construction • Follow the 7 X 7 guideline • Use no more than seven words • Use no more than seven lines

  14. Review the Slides • Check spelling and grammar • Read as you enter text • Use the Spelling feature • Ask someone to review presentation • Display and read out loud • Use the Thesaurus

  15. Visual Objects • Clip art • Images • WordArt • Sound • Animated clips • Video clips • Tables • Charts • Graphics • SmartArt diagrams • Objects from other applications • Animations • Transitions

  16. Tables Highlight rows and columns Increase or decrease Table

  17. Animations Animation gallery Animation tags

  18. Transitions Subtle Exciting Dynamic Content

  19. Header or Footer Insert tab Location Header and Footer Slide number Date

  20. Printing Presentations • Full page slides • Handouts • Notes pages • Outlines

  21. Modifying a Slide Master • Slide master - the top slide in a hierarchy of slides • Contains design information for the slides • Slide master includes associated slide layouts such as: • A title slide layout • Various content slide layouts • A blank slide layout

  22. Slide Master View • Slide master - the most efficient way of setting: • Fonts • Color scheme • Effects • To set these choices, click the slide master thumbnail • You can modify the Slide Master to change the formatting on all slides

  23. Deleting and Adding Slide Layouts • To delete a selected layout that you will not need: • Click on Delete on the Slide Master tab • To add a slide layout: • Click Insert Layout in the Edit Master group (be sure to rename it) • To delete any extra layouts: • Click the slide layout thumbnail you wish to delete • Click delete

  24. Annotations Annotation Pen or highlighter Ink color

  25. Delivery Tips • Practice the material and delivery • Do not read • Set up early • Have a backup plan • Prepare handouts

  26. Delivery Tips (continued) • Speak slowly and clearly • Show emotion or enthusiasm • Pause for emphasis • Look at the audience • Blank the screen during questions and answers • Thank the audience

  27. ESEI.wvu.edu

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