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Milestone 100: Setting Milestone for Other Whisky Brands in India

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Milestone 100: Setting Milestone for Other Whisky Brands in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Milestone 100: Setting Milestone for Other Whisky Brands in India' - somindia

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Milestone 100: Setting Milestone for Other Whisky Brands in India

When it comes to choosing a popular Whisky Brands in India, don’t forget to consider the product range of SOM

India. The company offers premium quality beverages at affordable prices.

Liquor has been an important part of the Indian lifestyle. Earlier it was Soma, the drink dedicated to Devas that was

considered one of the finest liquor. Later, various varieties of beverages emerged, the arrival of Mughals started a

new era of intoxicating drinks in India. Today, there are several Indian and foreign brands popular all across India.

If you have been wondering which is company manufacture best whisky in India, and then brands like SOM India

will definitely catch your attention. The company has raised the standard of customer’s expectations with its high

quality. It won’t be wrong to say that in SOM has given a tough time to its rivals in a short span of time.

The journey of SOM witnessed various milestones of success in the year 2015-16. The shares are also performing

well in the share market. It is a wonderful opportunity for the investors who are interested in whisky investment

as well. SOM not just offer you an exotic range of alcohol, but it also provides an opportunity for the investors.

Double the joy with us and celebrate by raising the toast.

Bon Appétit:

Whisky is one of the most popular distilled strong alcoholic beverages. It is made from fermented grain mash.

Manufacturers use various grains (barley, corn (maize), rye, and wheat for preparing a malted drink. The final

product is aged in wooden caskets, to provide its signature taste. Now the market offers different liquor brands to

satiate the taste bud of a wide range of consumers.

Luckily, for the consumers of India and all across the globe, there are few brands who never compromise with the

quality and put their best effort to deliver the finest taste to its users. Check out the different variants of whisky

manufactured by the SOM, and find something exclusive for your pallet.


Get ready to enjoy the ultimate combination of malted whisky. If you are arranging a cocktail party, then trying

some amazing cocktail recipes could make your event more exciting. Whether it is a wedding bash, formal party or

ball dance event, drinks are a must for the evening. Whether you like to have your peg neat or like to add some

punch of flavor, choosing a right liquor brand is a must.

Milestone 100: Must for cocktails

A must for any cocktail party, Milestone 100 is one of the finest blended Scotch whisky. Perfect choice for neat, it is

one of the most popular products by Som. Its color, taste, and blends all reflect its ultimate power as soon as it gets

poured into the glass. It is manufactured using premium scotch malt and grain. Bottled in a stylish octagonal

shaped glass bottle, this drink could add a class at your event.

Apart from milestone 100, you can also add names like Legend premium GS Genius, and Gypsy whisky in your

party bar.

Som India has earned the title of being one of the finest Whisky Brands in India. Following the old tradition, the

company puts lots of effort to deliver the finest quality and rare taste to its consumer. Whether you are celebrating

your victory or arranging formal functions, adding some high-class drinks will surely make the event more


About The Author:

Som India, one of the best liquor company in India providing high quality alcoholic beverages like vodka, rum,

whisky and top beer brands in India. It produces and deals with world class quality of vodka, rum, beer, whisky

from the best liquor company in India. Som India is one of the leading alcoholic beverage company and it has

recently launched its new brand of vodka mixed refreshing drink, White Fox Refresh.

Contact SOM Group Of Companies-

Address:- 23, Zone II, Maharana Pratap Nagar,

Bhopal- 462011 (Madhya Pradesh) India

Tel.:+91-755-4278827, 4271271

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