Explore the exciting Rum brands in India with Som India
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For those who want to start with a milder form of beverage would find sunny rum a perfect choice. Available in the bottle of 750 ML, its smooth taste would definitely make you a fan of this brand. Black Fort Rum by the SOM India is perfect for cocktails; this will surely mesmerize you with its flavor.Explore the alcohol world with SOM India and enjoy a premium range of rum manufactured in India.

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Explore the exciting rum brands in india with som india

Explore the exciting Rum brands in India with Som India

Explore top rum brands in India with SOM one of the best liquor company in India. The

company manufactures a wide range of alcohol drinks.

Rum is one of the most ancient drinks, relished by the mankind. Till now it has witnessed

many changes, yet one thing remains the same, the popularity of the drink still has it a

unique position among its lovers. Despite several varieties of beverages, alcoholic as well as

non-alcoholic, rum still maintains its class. The first distillation took place in the Caribbean.

Today, it is manufactured all across the world and there are various companies that are

involved in alcohol distillation and producing fine drink. A byproduct known as molasses,

the spirit is mainly derived from sugarcane by the process of distillation. There are various

types of rum including white as well as dark rum. Choose your drink according to your


Unlike beer, it is considered the drink of mature people. There are various alcohol brands

in India who produce premium quality liquor for the connoisseurs. SOM India, one of the

Explore the exciting rum brands in india with som india

best liquor companies in India offers a wide range of spirit. The company is considered as

one of the best rum brands in India. But before diving deep in various brands, let’s find

out what are the health benefits of rum and how consuming a limited amount of drink

could make your body healthy and fit.

Nutritional Benefits of Rum

Consumption of 100 grams of rum provides 230 calories. It has 0% of carbohydrate and fat.

That means you can get the energy by taking the liquor and that too without getting fat.

Peg for Longevity

We all have heard how consuming alcohol is bad for health. But on the contrary, consuming

a moderate amount is actually good for your health. It reduces anxiety, combat muscle pain,

protect from cold and work as a blood thinner. Excess of anything is bad and same is true

for the rum as well. Consume a small quantity for a healthy and long life.

Good for your memory:

Taking a small quantity of rum is good for your memory as well. It prevents Alzheimer and


Good in preventing diabetes

Taking 2 tablespoons of dark rum would reduce the level of sugar in the body that means it

will control diabetes. It also lowers down the level of cholesterol in the body.

Now you have enough reason to make a part of your lifestyle. Start your journey with Black

fort. A product of SOM India, this XXX alcohol offers bold taste. It won’t be wrong to call it a

masculine drink, perfect for real men.

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