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Tokyo. By Group 2. Guiding Questions. Which arguments persuade people to vote for them? What makes a good location a good location? How much influence does the population of the host Country have when it comes to making decisions?. Vision.

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  1. Tokyo By Group 2

  2. Guiding Questions • Which arguments persuade people to vote for them? • What makes a good location a good location? • How much influence does the population of the host Country have when it comes to making decisions?

  3. Vision • If Tokyo were to host the 2024 Olympics, this could not only increase the number of tourist which visit yearly, but it could provide an opportunity for the Japanese to share their unique culture. • Though host cities spend extravagant amounts of money preparing for the games they are often able to make a profit out of the tourist and spectators who visit to watch the game. And this of course applies to Tokyo. • Since Japan is still recovering from the disastrous tsunami that hit, this profit would be used to repair damages done.

  4. Accommodation • Tokyo is the perfect place for the 2024 Olympics because of its massive size alone and numerous amounts of skyscrapers it can hold excessive amounts of people. • There are many places for accommodation located in and around the city, these would include: • Hotels • Bed and breakfast • Apartments • Motels

  5. Sports venues • Since Tokyo has already hosted the 1958 Asian Games and the 1964 Summer Olympics, most if not all of the structures have already been built. • Granted these structures may need to be modified, it still proves to be a lesser task than having to build new configurations.

  6. Tokyo stadium

  7. Infrastructure • Tokyo has been classified as one of the most modern city in Asia, it also has the newest buildings • Parks and gardens are being preserved by the government as tourist attractions and to enhance the beauty of the city • The transportation around the city has also been enhanced to maintain a sound communication around the city, this would also be very useful during the games as it provides an assessable transport for visitors

  8. Government Support- ease of travel restrictions • The Government devote their time on the Olympics as it is a big part of tourism. • Also, the Military will be involved with the Governments help to make a safe community. • On the days of the Olympics the roads will be blocked so the spectators will have ease of being able to watch the games as well as being able to move around freely • The Prime Minister of Japan- Naikaku-sōri-daijin said “During the Olympics, I want to show everybody that Japan is stable, highly developed parliamentary democracy with a modern economy.” • Also flights will be quick and smooth, so you will have a nice welcome into Japan. All the funding,about 7 billion yen will be funded by the Government.

  9. Security • The Military Service of Japan strongly recommends that all spectators, read their safety precautions on flights, accommodations etc. • The OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) will be guarding the Olympic Games in 2024 and would like to recommend reading any safety booklets provided. • Japan has a high rate of protection in their country as over 27,000,000 military soldiers, to make sure everyone is safe. • Their will be security guarding your hotels, to make sure you have a safe passage to where ever you are going.

  10. Japanese Military

  11. Environmental Conditions • Japan is one of the largest places that have fishes and tropical timber. • The weather can range from tropical to a refreshing shower of rain. • Explore many forests and discover the wonderful culture of Japan. • See the wonderful sights when you are watching the Olympic Games, as you will overlook a beautiful river.

  12. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

  13. Social Economic Impact • The Olympic Games will not only help Japan but also: Small Businesses Private transport services Taxes and many more… The Olympic Games will decrease the unemployment rate of Japan which is 5%. The technology of Japan will be increased and the market value will also increase, making everyone happy!

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