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Web.Based.Monitoring Status

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Web.Based.Monitoring Status. LHC@FNAL Meeting. William Badgett, Steve Murray Fermilab Zongru Wan Kansas State University. WebBasedMonitor, goals. Integrate information from across all CMS Environmental, Trigger, DAQ, Luminosity, etc.

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Presentation Transcript
web based monitoring status


LHC@FNAL Meeting

William Badgett, Steve Murray


Zongru Wan

Kansas State University

webbasedmonitor goals
WebBasedMonitor, goals
  • Integrate information from across all CMS
    • Environmental, Trigger, DAQ, Luminosity, etc.
  • Extend “CMS Page 1” to provide more information to the CMS collaboration
  • Ability to “drill down” to get more details
    • Links to sub-detector pages already in development
  • Tools for remote ShiftCrew
    • Also useful for remote experts
  • Plotting “Value versus Time” in CMS database
  • Ability to plot anything vs. anything
  • Light-weight web interface
structure directed servlets
Structure, directed servlets
  • Additional “Expert Tier”
    • Underlying infrastructure for more general pages
    • General database browser
      • For people who know a little SQL and would like to create new web pages – need to know where data are
    • Basic low level servlets
      • Tools for creating new pages, use Java inheritance to make it easy
    • Not intended for ShiftCrew direct use
    • DatabaseBrowser, SlowControlBrowser, RootBrowser
      • β versions already in place
webbasedmonitor front page
WebBasedMonitor, front-page


databasebrowser example1
DatabaseBrowser, example

Automatic conversion from database table data to root TTree

  • Disparate set of database tables
    • Barely controlled chaos
  • No standard history model
    • Sub-detector specific tables
    • Need meta-data tables to describe them
      • Have settled on schema
      • Implementing user interfaces
    • General case of “Value versus Time” servlets can be extended to many data source
      • DAQ, Trigger, Lumi, Conditions, etc.

Since cmsomds erased, no data in standard PVSS tables

runsummary pages
RunSummary pages
  • Top level point to inquire about runs
  • Form with popular selection criteria
    • By run or run range √
    • Date and time range √
    • Trigger√ and run configuration
      • LTC MTCC triggers only
    • Events collected √
    • Luminosity accumulated
    • Subdetector status √
      • Presence in readout

√ Implemented


click on “RunSummary”

runsummary query page
RunSummary query page

LHC info to be implemented

Easy click for last 24 hours



runsummary multi run query
RunSummary, multi-run query

Multi-run query results

Can also run in test-only mode with wget command line

runsummary single run
RunSummary, single run
  • Clickable measurements
    • Drill-down capability
  • Plot creation
    • Provides root TTree and histogram object in file
    • Resizeable on resubmit
lhc logging
LHC Logging
  • Equivalent to AcNet logging
  • Contains many interesting CMS data
  • E.g. magnet temperature, current
  • Accessible from protected P5 network and our web browser
  • More abstract database schema (easier to browse)
  • Fold into current CMS browser
  • Propose implementing standard meta-data tables to describe wealth of data in CMS database
    • Based on ECAL and WBM proposals
    • Have schema in hand; testing
    • Implementation in progress
  • RunSummary actively being used
    • & extended
  • Will hook into LHC logger
    • Can LHC@FNAL benefit?
  • Have a look!