Plate tectonics resources
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Plate Tectonics & Resources. Judi Kusnick Geology Dept. We hadn’t done a SIRC workshop on plate tectonics in a while. We’ve never done a SIRC workshop on resources (I think) So I said, SURE, I can do that.

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Plate tectonics resources

Plate Tectonics & Resources

Judi Kusnick

Geology Dept.

Plate tectonics resources

We hadn’t done a SIRC workshop on plate tectonics in a while.

We’ve never done a SIRC workshop on resources (I think)

So I said, SURE, I can do that.

How this happened

Plate tectonics resources

You are the guinea pigs. while.

I just made this up this week.

It’s what I would do with MY students.

So regard this as fair warning…

Plate tectonics resources

Some understanding for you of how resources (petroleum and minerals) are related to plate boundaries.

A chance to try out a jigsaw strategy.

You also get to help me figure out how to make something like this work with high school kids.

This is what I promise you get from this presentation…

Plate tectonics resources

On your whiteboard… minerals) are related to plate boundaries.

Divide it into quarters

In each quarter you will illustrate one of these plate boundaries in words and pictures:

Diverging, transform, converging-subduction, converging-suture (continent-continent)

First let’s all remember what we already know about plate tectonics

Plate tectonics resources

You are a member of a resource exploration team for a new geoscience company.

Name it.

Now you need to develop experts in minerals and in petroleum. So decide who will be the mineral people, and who will be the petroleum people.

Rearrange yourself. Find a table with the appropriate sign and join an expert group

Now on to the new activity

Plate tectonics resources

Read the handout called Reading Assignment geoscience company.

Use the collaborative reading protocol to read your handouts.

Find the answers to the questions in the reading.

You will be going back to help your teammates understand this material, so be sure you understand it.

In your expert group…

Plate tectonics resources

I am bringing you your challenge. geoscience company.

Your job is to choose a region of the world (out of a set of three) that you think is the most likely place to find petroleum and minerals.

NOT based on your prior knowledge.

Use the chart to organize your thinking.

Use your whiteboard to prepare a presentation for your investors.

Now back to your team