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Solar Hot Water Heaters - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

When it comes to purchasing the solar hot water heaters, you should look no further than Northern Lights Solar Tubs. For more information about our products https://www.solartubs.com/solar-hot-water-heaters.html

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Solar Hot Water Heaters - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

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  1. Why Do You Use Modern Solar Hot Water Heaters? For the last 20 years, solar heating systems have been gaining popularity due to improved level of performance and affordability. The demand for solar water heating systems continues to grow. Equipped with specialized selective coatings, they are capable of delivering around 96% of solar thermal energy. Sole evacuated tubes water heaters can reach up to 450F temperatures. They are controlled by the state-of-the-art solar thermal differential controllers. The solar water heaters have special solar storage tanks that have internal heat exchangers and additional insulation as well as internal temperature ports.

  2. These systems come with stainless steel made insulated piping that eliminates the requirement for cooper and soldering. The solar water heaters are equipped with state-of-the-art features that get the installation done within half of the time. Northern Lights made solar heating systems are integrated with industry-best components that deliver the highest returns on your investment. They are crafted with “Plug n Save” technology that makes the assembly process quick for homeowners or business owners. The solar heating systems are guaranteed to deliver optimal performance and unparalleled safety as well as reliability benefits.

  3. These systems are expandable to secondary heating zones to form larger systems for solar heating applications. Northern Lights made solar water heaters can be combined with solar pool heaters or space heating kits to maximize your return on investment. All of the systems are available with Smart Phone integration so that you can get to see your savings in real time. Primarily, solar hot water heaters are used for heating water at homes and business. The energy consumption at home includes around 20-40% from hot water. Obviously, you’re looking for a way to minimize the expensive energy consumption costs. This is where solar water heater comes in. Northern Lights solar water heaters are able to reduce hot water cost by 65-75%. These DIY solar water heating kits are easy to install and come with components to complete the installation. Generally, they use special stainless-steel solar piping and fitting rather than complicated and complex soldering and pipe work.

  4. Why Do You Use DIY Solar Water Heaters? Northern Lights is the premier name in providing Do-It-Yourself solar heating kits that range from residential solar water heating systems to complete solar home heaters. Their DIY solar heaters come with everything you’ll need to get your work done. There’s no need of plumbing work for solar piping. For their installation project, you’ll require a few household tools like a drill and wrench. Their DIY solar heaters come with a 110 VAC power chord that makes the plugging into the regular outlet simple. Besides, the kits include the special solar high temp heating fluid, which works well up to -30 degree temperatures. A specially made Positive Displacement Pump is connected to a regular drill to fill and pressurize the system.

  5. The solar heating systems can be used either as a single tank solar water heater – Supplemental, or a two tank – Pre-Heat solar water heater. All of their storage tanks comprise of a 4.5 KW backup heating element that you can use whenever you want. Their solar water heating systems are capable of expanding to secondary heating loop. Available with advanced solar evacuated tubes, solar heating kits are able to provide heat for hot water, home heating, a pool or a hot tub. The DIY solar heating systems come with components pre-configured for the Plug n’ Save installation. Connect the specially threaded fittings to the solar collectors, working station and solar storage tank. Fill up the system with solar heating fluid and you’re ready to go. For more information about our DO It Yourself solar heating packages, please visit our website at https://www.solartubs.com/solar-hot-water-heaters.html.

  6. Northern Lights Solar Solutions 1-800-317-9054 305 McKay Unit 20 Winnipeg Manitoba R2G0N5 Website: https://www.solartubs.com/ • 1 -800 -317 -9054 Thank You

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