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  1. New Generation Smart Solar Inverter Systems Now it’s time to say good bye to the traditional inverters and upgrade to Solarix 24 x 7 the new generation power back up systems. Unlike traditional inverters, Solarix 24 x 7 saves you money on power bills & generates power for free all day ensuring that you are never without power. Look inside for details on how can you be a owner of your own power plant, which does all the work on its own. Know More… Email:- Phone: - +91-120-6120023 / 24 / 25, | 1800 102 7172 ( Toll Free)

  2. SOLAR PLANTS IN INDIA Indian Economy is developing at a much faster pace and it requires power resources to meet its swift growth for industrial government. Solar power is one resource that is very easily obtainable throughout India with almost 300 days sunshine. Government of India is also looking forward to invest high in solar industry pertaining to its high benefits and longer investment. Awareness for solar energy is still not up to the mark in rural areas halting the overall progress. Urban areas rooftop solar system is also low in reach and promotion is one section from which we can make people more aware of the merits this technology has. Solarix is one commercial manufacturing company for producing solar products, inverters, modules and other PV systems in India. Creating from small to large range solar power plants, Solarix builds all type solar power plants in India. These power plants can be classifieds basically in two major types one with smaller power output are termed mini and other being Commercial or large power plants handling sizeable buildings. MINI SOLAR POWER PLANT INDIA Solarix has multiple ranges of solar power plants starting from 150W to 500W PV systems that are easily installable on rooftops on Homes, Schools and small buildings. These are best suited to meet personal needs for household work. With Solarix one also can avail the benefits of financing for solar products directly from Banks. As the initial investment in high there are a lot of options that Govt. has recommended to further give advantage to its solar users. There loans are available in long term for 5 years planning and returns from your investment starts right away once you install these solar plants in your premises. These PV systems produce specific units per day which are helpful in deciding which power plant is the perfect one for your establishment.

  3. COMMERCIAL SOLAR POWER PLANTS IN INDIA Solarix offers commercial solar power plants ranging from 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5KW, 6KW, 7.5KW to 10KW. These are large commercial social power plants which are installed in corporate buildings, universities and commercial spaces which are capable of handling high load on-premises. They require proper maintenance and regular upkeep for right amount of output. Net metering is one added advantage these solar products can be utilized for via attaching to electricity grid. So when there are extra units produced, are than supplied to grid for extra earnings. Petro pumps, Schools, Banks and offices are some of commercial outlet application where these products have been successful overtime. CORPORATE OFFICE REGIONAL OFFICE #18A/19, Doddanekundi Industrial Area, II Phase, Mahadevapura Post, Bangalore - 560 048, Karnataka, India. United Telecoms Ltd Renewable Energy Division 302, 3rd Floor, Matrix Tower, Plot No. B-4, Sec. - 132, Noida (U.P.) 201301