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Give Your Home A New Look With Roller Blinds PowerPoint Presentation
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Give Your Home A New Look With Roller Blinds

Give Your Home A New Look With Roller Blinds

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Give Your Home A New Look With Roller Blinds

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  1. Give Your Home A New Look with Roller Blinds

  2. Want to give your home fresh new look?

  3. Gotcha! You have come to the right place…

  4. Try these tips...

  5. Transform the look and feel of your home with Roller Blinds

  6. Standard Roller Blinds The base model has a backing frame, holding the end pieces to which the roller is attached, and which can then be attached to the wall or rebate with clips or brackets. Operation of the blind can be either with a pull cord / spring mechanism or with a ball and chain mechanism. A very wide selection of material options are available.

  7. De-Luxe Roller Blinds These are roller blinds that are contained within a metal box to protect the material and which contain brushes that clean the blind material each time the blind is raised or lowered. The De-Luxe Roller Blind is a very attractive blind with three basic colors available for the box and mechanisms, ideal for home or office situations, and having all the other options available for the standard blind.

  8. De-Luxe Roller Blind and Cassette These are the De-Luxe Roller blind with the addition of a side cassette edge profile for the blind material to slide up and down within. The benefit of this is that the blind's efficiency is greatly increased by preventing any light or heat leakage round the edges and also greatly reduces any winter heat loss. Two types of edge profiles are optional - a "U" profile or "Blackout" which used in conjunction with a blackout material will eliminate virtually , if not, all light transmission when the blind is closed.

  9. Sterling Screen Clip Express These are Ready Made standard roller blinds that have been ready made to specific widths and drops and with over 3000 in stock ready for instant dispatch. Using the most popular Cobalt Embossed Clear Vision Film material, it provides the ultimate in solar reduction properties at a very reasonable price. There is no reason for you to wait for the manufacture to actual dimensions if these will do!