commoditisation of services recent debate @ the rediris community n.
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COMMODITISATION OF SERVICES Recent debate @ the RedIRIS Community

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COMMODITISATION OF SERVICES Recent debate @ the RedIRIS Community

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COMMODITISATION OF SERVICES Recent debate @ the RedIRIS Community

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COMMODITISATION OF SERVICES Recent debate @ the RedIRIS Community

. Debate about commoditisation at the RedIRIS Community.

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COMMODITISATION OF SERVICES Recent debate @ the RedIRIS Community

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debate about commoditisation at the rediris community
Debate about commoditisation at the RedIRIS Community

2007: Some universities participating on the IRIS-MAIL working group pointed out that the mail services they provided had a low usage rate in relation to the investment done for the maintenance of the service

2009: Some universities reported interest in outsourcing (in most cases, Google Apps)

2010: Widespread debate about outsourcing of university mail services

recent activities in 2010
Recent activities in 2010
  • 2010: Main activities related to commoditisation of services taking place within the IRIS-MAIL working group:
    • March 2010 - Videoconference (EVO): University of Deusto – migration to Google Apps Edu
    • April 2010 – Draft Document “Study on e-mail outsourcing – pros & cons”
    • April 2010 – Event (CRUE-TIC) “Cloud computing services for Universities”
    • May 2010: Survey about “Outsourcing of ICT services at Universities”
videoconference march 2010
Videoconference (March 2010)
  • Videoconference “Exchange of experiences”
    • Agenda:
      • Presentation by the University of Deusto about its experience migrating its mail services to GoogleApps Edu
      • Presentation by the University of Burgos about its plans to outsource mail services for its students
    • 62 participants from approx. 50 universities
    • Questions focused mainly at:
        • Time and resources required for the migration
        • Privacy, security and data protection
        • Support provided by outsourcing companies, both to the University during the migration, and to the users, once it is completed
the experience of university of deusto
The experience of University of Deusto
  • Opendeusto: migration to Google Apps Education Edition at the University of Deusto
    • Creation of a user community with tools to share information: Gmail, calendar, Google Docs, instant messaging & telephony over Internet (GTalk), videos, web pages…
    • GoogleApps connected to e-learning platform based on Moodle
    • “” for teachers – “” for students
    • Users can choose the name of the account and keep it for life (in order to ensure high usage rate)
draft document april 2010
Draft document (April 2010)
  • Draft document “Analysis of mail outsourcing”
    • Prepared by several university experts working under the umbrella of the IRIS-MAIL Working Group
    • Previous studies related to other services (e.g., anti-virus – resulted in joint negotiation with providers, obtaining better prices and service conditions)
    • Description of features and prices of the main providers (GoogleApps Edu and Microsoft Live@edu)
    • Pros and cons of outsourcing
    • Analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership
    • Key questions to consider before migrating
crue tic workshop april 2010
CRUE-TIC Workshop (April 2010)
  • Workshop “Cloud computing services for universities” (CRUE-TIC)
    • ICT Group of the Conference of Heads of Spanish Univ.
    • More than 100 attendees representing most Spanish Universities
    • Agenda
      • Presentation of Google and Microsoft
      • Presentation of succesful experiences of partial outsourcing from several Universities (Univ. Alfonso X, European University of Madrid, University of Deusto)
      • A non-so-successful experience: Polytechnic Univ. Madrid
      • Legal aspects of cloud services
survey may 2010
Survey (May 2010)
  • Survey “Outsourcing of ICT services at Universities”
    • Participation: 69 universities
    • Target: ICT managers at universities
    • Goals of the survey
      • Data gathering about the state of ICT services
      • Study trends in ICT outsourcing at the university sector
        • Segmentation (staff vs. students)
        • View on pros & cons
        • Identification of major players
        • For those not outsourcing: interest in development of cloud services among universities
activities of rediris i
Activities of RedIRIS (I)
  • RedIRIS wants to know which is the situation, and how can it help both those migrating to commercial cloud services and those that do not want to
  • Connectivity is a key factor for the adoption of commercial or internal cloud services by universities

Activities of RedIRIS (II)

  • For those willing to use commercial outsourcing:
  • New, improved dark fiber network (RedIRIS-NOVA)
  • Negotiating peering with Google
  • AAI services to connect with services like those of Microsoft (Dreamspark, MDSN) and Google (pilot)
  • For those willing to set up their own cloud services:
  • Networking, AAI, plus advice
  • For those wanting to have some outsourced services, but not wanting to set them up:
  • New e-mail filtering service provided by RedIRIS
  • On-going studies about web videoconferencing services and collaborative suites that could be provided by RedIRIS

Recently, the debate about commoditization of some ICT services in universities is becoming quite intense

Mainly bottom-up (ICT managers) – but then decisions are often “top-down”

Debate might be influenced by economic crisis

Currently mainly focused on service to students – but not only

RedIRIS wants to know what it’s happening, and how could it help within its remit and means



Thank you for your attention!!