Transportation it s running us out of money
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Transportation; It’s Running Us Out of Money. By Gabe West, Taryn Cheney, Matthew Manley, Noah Shedroff, and Ennis Padilla . Mrs. Hoctor’s 3 rd and 4 th Period A dvanced L.A . Class. Problem and Solution.

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Transportation it s running us out of money

Transportation;It’s Running Us Out of Money

By Gabe West, Taryn Cheney,

Matthew Manley, Noah Shedroff,

and Ennis Padilla

Mrs. Hoctor’s 3rd and 4thPeriod Advanced L.A . Class

Problem and solution
Problem and Solution

As you all probably know, Lakota schools are in huge deficit. We think that transportation is the biggest problem Lakota faces. One bus costs 70,000 dollars a year! That means that approximately 14 busses will cost one-million dollars! We think that the best way to fix this problem is to try to find as many homes as we can that kids can walk and/or be driven to school by parents/guardians. Also, kids with a driver’s license and has a car to drive will be rejected from bus service.

How much money we could save
How Much Money We Could Save

Busing in Lakota cost a total of $16,500,000. Lakota has approximately 236 buses in its district. We estimate that we can cut at least 25% of buses (59 buses) which saves us 4,130,000.

Sources of a ssistance
Sources of Assistance


  • This website above could help us because is has the information about the treasurer. In his list of duties, it says that he takes care of budget services. It has his contacts too, so he would be a good person to call to perhaps make the recording to send to each family.


  • The website above could help because it lists jobs that are right here in West Chester, Ohio. One could put it on Lakota Online, and the bus drivers who might lose their jobs could try to find jobs.

Sources of resistance
Sources of Resistance

  • One obstacle we may face is many people may still need to or want to ride the bus. This means that we might not save as much money as we intended.

  • Bus drivers will lose their jobs and will be upset.

  • People will also be upset about the decision and may complain about the decision because of the inconvenience.

Solutions of resistance
Solutions of Resistance

  • We could make stricter rules by calling each home and making sure people who “need” to ride the bus, such as disabled people who don’t have a ride, really do need to. The people who work in each schools office could make a recording to say the new rules and send it to each family.

  • We could have volunteers look for job openings in local places, such as supermarkets, and post them on Lakota’s or a new website.

  • Give them a forewarning in either a recording or a newsletter, to when the buses will be cut. The people who will be effected will have the time to figure out a solution of their own situation.

Plan of action
Plan of Action

First we must see which parents can take their children to school on their way to work. We can do this by recording a message sent out to every family. The people in each office can make the recording. After that, we can choose which buses to cut. The buses that will not be as efficient anymore will be cut.

Plan of action continued
Plan of Action Continued

The students who will be affected must be informed via e-mail, telephone, or through a letter done by either the board of education or the people who work in the office of each school. Then we must inform the bus drivers who will be affected because if we cut buses, we must also cut drivers. We can notify the bus drivers the same way we would notify the students.

Thank you
Thank You

Thank you for watching this presentation. We hope this helps you take a plan of action to save Lakota from it’s deficit.