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LONDON 2012. There are 74 Days left until the Olympic Games begin Days left before the Olympics begin (This is from Monday April 30th). Cranford Community College goes to the Olympics!! How to apply for a student ticket for the Olympics.

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London 2012 1343965

There are74

Days left until the Olympic Games begin

Days left before the Olympics begin

(This is from Monday April 30th)

London 2012 1343965

Cranford Community College goes to the Olympics!!

How to apply for a student ticket for the Olympics

Check the list of Olympic Events that we have tickets for. This can also be found on the Cranford Community College Web page.

Make sure that you are able to attend the one that you want to go to.

Write a letter to apply for a ticket. Make sure you include your full name, tutor group and the reason why you would like to go to that particular event.

Address the letter to Mr. Dean.

Hand the letter into the Hatch as soon as possible.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Remember that the tickets are free but you will be expected to pay travel costs to get to the venue.

London 2012 1343965

London 2012: Olympic Games flame lit in Greece

Watch and listen to this moving clip

London 2012 1343965

Video Clips

(Olympic Games Highlights 4.08 mins)

(Beijing Olympics Highlights 5.29 mins)

London 2012 1343965

Ben Ainslie announced as first Torchbearer in UK

The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) have announced that three-times Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie will be the first Torchbearer to carry the Olympic Flame in the UK.

‘I am extremely honoured to be the first Torchbearer at the start the 70-day Olympic Torch Relay. ‘

Ben Ainslie, the UK's first Torchbearer

London 2012 1343965

Discussion topic for Cranford Community College Registration time

Learning Objective

To discuss whether the changes will bring improvements to quality of the environment and quality of life of local residents?

Starter time

Discuss in pairs and decide how you think the changes will affect local people and the local environment of Stratford?  

1. Clays Lane –

2. Stratford New Town –

3. Hackney Wick –

4. Stratford Station Area

5. Stratford Marsh

The olympics changing space and place in east london
The Olympics – Changing space and timeplace in east London

London 2012 1343965

Here is the Olympic park plan for east London. Look at the numbers inthe circles, going from 1 to 9, then look at the following pages, to see whatchanges are to be made at those places.

1 clays lane
1. Clays Lane numbers in

Before - Clays Lane Community Centre and Housing Co-operative

After - Velodrome

2 clays lane
2. Clays Lane numbers in

Before: Clays Lane site

After: Olympic village

3 stratford new town
3. Stratford New Town numbers in

Before: Site of Stratford International Station during development

After: Stratford International Station after development

4 hackney wick
4. Hackney Wick numbers in

Before: Pylons and polluted waterways on site of Olympic Park

After: The improved waterways of the Olympic Park

5 7 stratford stations area
5-7. Stratford Stations area numbers in

Before - Looking north west from Stratford regional station

After - Looking north west from Stratford regional station

8 stratford marsh
8. Stratford Marsh numbers in

Before: Marshgate Lane Industrial Park, site of the Olympic Stadium

After: The site of the 100 metre sprint

9 stratford marsh
9. Stratford Marsh numbers in

Before: Pudding Mill River, from Marshgate Lane (North)

After: Olympic Stadium

Discussion within tutor groups
Discussion within tutor groups? numbers in

 Look at the logos from the Olympic Games over the years.

1. Why do the Games need a logo?

2. What kinds of things do you own that have logos?

3. Why is a logo an important part of selling the Games and selling London?

Designing a logo
Designing a Logo! numbers in

Getting the branding right for the Olympics is important.

What do you think of the 2012 Logo? Do you think you could do better?  Design you own logo