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Soil Solutions® is the global leader and innovator, providing Value Engineered Solutions® for soil stabilization, road construction and dust control in the civil, military, aviation, mining, solar and construction industries. 

Soil Solutions® has established the benchmark for service delivery and has established itself as the industry leader with proven results and financial benefits while providing solution driven, environmentally compliant, client specific services with a dedicated team of experienced professionals providing Value Engineered Solutions® for the military, solar, civil engineering, mining and construction industries internationally. 

While Many other companies just sell their products, Soil Solutions® works closely with our clients from the initial design stage through to commissioning, handover and maintenance while setting the standard for performance in the industry. Specialties: Hydro Seeding and Erosion Control, Soil Stabilization, Gravel Airstrip Construction, Mine Haul Road Design, Construction and Maintenance, Road Stabilization and Surface Sealing, Dust Control, Mine Tailings and Stockpile Capping, Dynamic Compaction