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World Bank Research and the Singapore Meetings

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World Bank Research and the Singapore Meetings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Bank Research and the Singapore Meetings. L. Alan Winters Director Development Research Group. New thinking about development in a nutshell. Poverty reduction Growth is a necessary condition Global interdependence Institutions and governance Market and state are complementary.

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world bank research and the singapore meetings

World Bank Research and the Singapore Meetings

L. Alan WintersDirectorDevelopment Research Group

new thinking about development in a nutshell
New thinking about development in a nutshell
  • Poverty reduction
  • Growth is a necessary condition
  • Global interdependence
  • Institutions and governance
  • Market and state are complementary.
  • Development is country-specific.
  • Systematic evaluation of policies
  • Lack of access to opportunities is inefficient.

ABCDE Europe

lending learning and knowledge


Impact Evaluation


Policy Dialogue,



Bank Research


Lending, learning, and knowledge


More aid and lending is channeled through the Bank because of its analytical capacity and its voice in the global debate

Better knowledge of development issues increases volume and quality of lending

Lending and aid monitoring produce important lessons of development

Bank research generates findings and products that form the core of global knowledge on development

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impact of research
Impact of research
  • Operational activities: e.g.
    • Data and analytic tools developed for poverty analysis
  • New lines of Bank business
  • Moving away from some forms of intervention
  • Advocacy role on global issues: Trade, Doha Round
  • Influences world opinion, research agendas and policy priorities.

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evidence of impact
Evidence of impact
  • Quality and effectiveness of Bank operations increased by
    • high-quality analytical work
    • inclusion of researchers in team
  • Shaping lending strategies and operations.
  • Bank staff rely on DEC’s outputs
    • Tools – e.g. 1-2-3; PETS
  • Impact on policy makers
    • in developing countries.
    • In developed countries – e.g. trade talks, ODA policies
  • Impact on academic community

ABCDE Europe

citations per article economics business and social sciences journals
Citations Per Article: Economics, Business and Social Sciences Journals

Number of Number of Average cites papers cites per paper

All papers 134,887 230,400 1.71

World Bank 1,135 4,121 3.63

DECRG 520 2,194 4.22

Source: ISI Thomson Scientific Database, 1998-2003.

ABCDE Europe

organizing research
Organizing research
  • Outsourcing?
    • Much, but need internal capacity:Direction, access, nature, resource
  • Split 50/50 central vs. decentralized
    • Specialization vs. competition and responsiveness
    • DEC researchers circulate in the Bank

ABCDE Europe

dec research group
DEC Research Group

About 80 researchers

  • “walks on two legs”
  • Excellence = prerequisite for effectiveness
  • DEC research evolves slowly
  • Complements research done outside DEC and the Bank
  • Part of the international development research community

ABCDE Europe

criteria the pippa code
Criteria: The PIPPA Code

Research should:

  • be path-breaking
  • have complete integrity
  • be policy-relevant
  • be practical
  • be accessible and communicated clearly

ABCDE Europe

decrg thematic teams
DECRG: Thematic teams
  • International Trade
  • Growth and Investment
  • Finance
  • Poverty Dynamics & Pro-Poor Growth
  • Public Service Delivery and Human Development
  • Rural Development
  • Environment and Infrastructure

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recent additions to the research program
Recent additions to the research program
  • Growth and equity
  • Global issues
  • Impact evaluation

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growth and equity
Growth and equity
  • Investment climate
  • Access to finance
  • Urbanization and agglomeration
  • Debt, financial crises
  • Pro-poor growth

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growth and equity ii
Growth and equity II
  • Public Services for the Poor
    • Provider Behavior
    • Political Economy
  • Progress toward the MDGs
    • Aid effectiveness
  • Equity and development
    • WDR 2006

ABCDE Europe

global issues
Global issues
  • International trade
  • Migration
    • Brain Drain
    • Temporary mobility of labor
    • Measuring the flows
    • Relation to trade and FDI flows
    • Remittances
  • Security and development
    • Development, terrorism and drug trafficking
    • Conflict and Post-conflict development

ABCDE Europe

evaluation of policy impact
Evaluation of policy impact
  • Causal links between interventions and outcomes - counterfactual
  • Randomized trials, e.g. in education, health, infrastructure, or cash transfers
  • Policies with economy-wide impact (e.g. trade, financial reforms)—macro-micro links

ABCDE Europe

china and india
China and India
  • Over 40 percent of world population
  • Growing rapidly – global phenomenon
  • Federal
  • Data availability
  • Local capacity
  • Different models of development

ABCDE Europe

recent research on china
Recent research on China
  • Investment climate
    • 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005/6
  • Poverty reduction and inequality
    • Pro-poor growth
    • Poor area program, social protection
    • Survey compliance
    • Poverty mapping
  • WTO accession

ABCDE Europe

recent research on china ii
Recent research on China II
  • Financial Sector
    • General policy
    • Deposit insurance
    • Efficiency of credit allocation
    • Property rights vs. access to finance
  • Environment
    • Industrial pollution – disclosure
    • Health damage
    • Water provision

ABCDE Europe

recent research on india
Recent research on India
  • Investment climate
    • Round 3 panel – policy changes
    • Informal firms
  • Urban policy
    • Slum dwellers
    • Productivity in cities
    • Road safety
    • Rural-urban migration

ABCDE Europe

recent research on india ii
Recent research on India II
  • Service delivery
    • Absenteeism
    • Incentives, information
    • Decentralisation
    • Nutritional programs
  • Community driven development
    • Local democracy
    • Caste (including experiments)
  • Employment guarantee

ABCDE Europe

singapore 2006
Singapore 2006

China and India in the global economy

  • Lessons
  • Comparisons
  • Effects on rest of the world
  • Thematic Studies
  • Regional Studies
  • Collaborative – regional researchers

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thematic studies
Thematic studies
  • Growth: urbanization and jobs
  • International Trade
  • Resources and Emissions
  • Domestic and international savings
  • Governance patterns
  • Poverty and inequality (regional)

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