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what make python so good n.
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What Make Python so Good? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Make Python so Good?

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What Make Python so Good?
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What Make Python so Good?

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  1. What Make Python So Good?

  2. Introduction Like PERL Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language, in some years it get very rapid fame because of its clear syntax & readability. Python is one of programming language which is easy to learn and understand. This programming language was created by Guido van Rossum, who was a former resident of the Netherlands.

  3. Topic Of Discussion Easy for Beginners Job Seeker Game Developer Web Developer

  4. Easy for Beginners If you are beginner in programming and you have nothing knowledge about the programming language than python is suitable for you as a learning programming language in computer world. It doesn’t matter for python, you belongs to any technical background or not, but if you enthusiastic for learning a programming language that give more future scope and open the door for your career than it is definitely good programming language for you.

  5. Job Seeker If you looking for a job , and you are thinking which language should you study than python is best option for you. Because nowadays in market lots of IT companies doing work on python and so many jobs available for job seeker for different- different profile and working domain.

  6. Game Developer So many candidate play so many games in their school and college life ands ometimethey think,” Ohh!!! I can do anything in gaming world I can play, I can make, I can design “. These type of people very excited for doing something in computer also. Than definitely you can choose python, as  game developing programming language.

  7. Web Developer Today every information we can get from internet by the browsing the web pages. This information may be a small word or book, may be small needle or a big Aeroplane etc. Everything can seen only due to websites that showing contents to us. So in market website development work is very good career opportunity to a person who want make career in web development. Python gives many framework for developing website, Django is  one of them that offer us.

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