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Retail Value Chain Industry User Group Update

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Retail Value Chain Industry User Group Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Retail Value Chain Industry User Group Update . 26 September 2010. Executive Summary . Focus has been on creating Industry User Group as umbrella for all Retail related GS1 Global Office initiatives But doing so without disrupting existing efforts that will fall under the umbrella

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executive summary
Executive Summary
  • Focus has been on creating Industry User Group as umbrella for all Retail related GS1 Global Office initiatives
  • But doing so without disrupting existing efforts that will fall under the umbrella
  • IUG has been formed and Co-Chairs appointed
  • Mission, Vision, Charter and group name/structure have all now been agreed
  • An inventory of all Retail related efforts has been compiled (with GS1 US support)
  • At the Amsterdam Industry & Standards Event we wil validate inventory into BNG's, populate Leadership Team and BNG's, build overall Roadmap


  • An environment of constant improvements to retail value chain and operations processes, efficiency, effectiveness and asset utilisation, through the use of GS1 global standards, services and solutions.


  • Ensure that retail industry needs, whether originating from within the IUG or through the GSMP submission process, are assessed and agreed within the IUG.
  • Define industry needs through the Statement of Business Need (SBN).
  • Work closely with GSMP teams to ensure sufficient and ongoing industry support for GSMP managed standards & solutions development efforts.
  • Collaborate with other GS1 IUG’s to identify needs overlaps and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Represent GS1 in industry forums, associations and conferences.
  • Work closely with GS1 Member Organisations (MO’s) to understand the needs of the members that they represent.
  • Work with industry leaders to maintain awareness of industry changes, strategies and developments.
  • Ensure maximum industry support for development efforts undertaken on the industry’s behalf in GS1 Global Office.


  • The Value Chain – starting at raw materials all the way through the process chain through to end user/consumer/shopper and including all End of Life (EOL) processes.
  • Channels – all relevant channels
  • Distribution Routes – all channels


  • Definition of retail industry business needs and priorities for GS1 global standards, global services and global solutions.
  • A published and maintained overall strategic plans (1 Year and 3 Year) for retail industry work within GS1 Global Office
  • A published and maintained rolling roadmap of all GS1 Global Office and MO current and planned efforts originating from the IUG or impacting the retail industry.
  • Industry leaders, associations and trading partners awareness of GS1’s engagement with the industry and its standards, services and solutions that support the industry.
  • Feedback mechanisms to determine the scale and effectiveness of implementation of retail related standards (but leveraging existing mechanisms such as CGF Scorecard)

Full Charter downloadable from RVC IUG Community Room

rvc iug group structure
RVC IUG Group Structure

RVC IUG Co-Chairs formally in place since June 14th

We are still seeking a full time Retail Industry Director

Other existing Retail related initiatives will fall into one of these BNG's

Leadership Team composition not yet decided but likely to include BNG Co-Chairs. LT will be led by IUG Co-Chairs

BNG's need to elect co-chairs and define their roadmaps

Existing CE IUG will integrate into RVC IUG

rvc iug group structure notes
RVC IUG Group Structure Notes

Leadership Team- all activities to do with:

  • Planning, setting strategies, tracking overall progress, RVC IUG Roadmap
  • Assessing incoming work requests
  • Connecting to industry, marketing what we do, recruiting new members, publicity, media etc.
  • Coordination across BNG's
  • Implementation - see next point

Implementation - anything to do with the actual implementation and/or support of our standards, services, solutions, guidelines. Includes all general activities to do with business processes

Packaging - all activities concerned with packaging at all stages from raw materials through to end user and reverse logistics. Includes standards for exchange of packaging data and requirements between the packaging industry and manufacturers/retailers

FoodChain - everything to do with growing, processing, transporting, storing, labelling, retailing, providing and consuming fresh food. Includes safety, traceability, recall, cold chain and all food outlets such as commercial caterers and restaurants

rvc iug group structure notes1
RVC IUG Group Structure Notes

MobileCommerce - all activities related to the use of mobile technology in the Retail Value Chain. Includes, but not limited to, electronic coupons, retrieving item information etc.

Security - everything related to the safe transportation, storage, provision and sale of items through the Retail Value Chain. Includes EAS

SupplyChain - everything from raw material to manufacturing to delivery at retailer or point of consumption/use. Includes focus on inventory management and Returns/EOL processing

ConsumerElectronics - special focus on all electronics from USB stick to large white and brown goods, i.e. any electronics used by a consumer!

The Leadership Team - is a permanent group covering all parts of the RVC.

Data needs may be raised in the group but would then normally be passed over to the GDSN IUG

All other groups listed would effectively be BNG’s (Business Needs Groups in the new Industry Engagement environment) and would exist only as long as there was ongoing work for them.

next steps
Next Steps

Retail Related Initiatives

  • Assess every initiative for:
    • Appropriate BNG if needs are being defined
    • Place on RVC Roadmap
    • Continued relevance to industry
    • Progress & timing
  • Build & maintain Retail Roadmap

Business Needs Groups

  • Define scope, charter & roadmap
  • Elect co-chairs
  • Schedule group work, meetings, calls etc.
next steps1
Next Steps


  • Work with MO's to increase retailer participation/representation. Examples…
    • GS1 US - Walmart, Macey's, Target
    • GS1 France - Carrefour
    • GS1 UK - Tesco, Sainsbury, M & S
    • GS1 Australia - Woolworths

Industry Liaison

  • Agree support/ interaction with Chris in his role as liaison with CGF
  • Develop marketing collateral material for group
  • Plan how to broaden awareness of group in industry
contact details

Contact Details

Ian Robertson

Director, GS1 Transport, Logistics & New Sectors

GS1 Global Office

T +18322831790W www.gs1.orgE