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Introduction. In today’s web environment, the demands for reliable communications between companies have steadily increased. User friendliness , performance and timeliness is the key to a successful website or intranet.

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In today’s web environment, the demands for reliable communications between companies have steadily increased. User friendliness, performance and timeliness is the key to a successful website or intranet.

Content management soft-ware is the tool of choice for companies to meet the challenges of today’s professional web publishing.

  • The Internet is the major source for the freshest information about products and services

  • Who knows the most about your clients?

    • Salesmen, account managers ...

  • But who is updating your web content?

    • Webmasters, IT pros…

  • The problem: out of date, inadequate content; loss of client centered approach


  • SOLUTION: Let your salesmen develop and manage your website.

  • But how?

  • Choose a CMS which is as easy to use and powerful enough to let your ideas come true.

What is saurus cms
What is Saurus CMS?

  • Saurus CMS is a web publishing system combining every-day content management features with sophisticated site administration and development tools.

  • With Saurus CMS you can easily set up any

    • public website,

    • extranet or

    • intranet.

3 i mportant f acts a bout saurus cms
3 Important Facts About Saurus CMS

  • You don't need to hire an army of programmersto set-up a Saurus CMS-based web site, intranet or extranet. Installation takes minutes, not weeks.

  • Your content creators need not wait until the webmaster will be availableto update vital product updates or press releases. With roles and permissions set you candecentralize the whole content creation and publishing process.

  • You don't have to rewrite the whole content or repair broken links and recover lost pictures every time your web site's visual image needs a makeup.In Saurus CMS content and design layout is separated so you can manage one without interrupting the other.

Achieve more with saurus cms
Achieve More With Saurus CMS

  • More people actively involved in site management

    • More content

    • More traffic

    • More revenues

  • Less time spent to technical issues

    • Once templates are ready, no need for the technical peopleto encage in content processing

    • High cost of the ownership is history!

  • Always ready to change

    • Actively respond to the customers ever changing needs

    • Additional functionality, design templates etc. can be applied on-the-fly.

Ready for creativity saurus cms for editors
Ready For Creativity? Saurus CMS For Editors

  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing environment

  • Create, organize, re-use your content using only your browser

  • Publish your content manually or use a scheduler

  • Choose between a number of templates to present your content more attractively or create your own templates

Power to the people saurus cms for administrators
Power To The People! Saurus CMS For Administrators

  • Multi-level roles-based authorization scheme

  • Works both on Windows- and UNIX-based servers

  • Flexible localization possibilities.

  • Multilingual software: Saurus CMS can speak your native language

New dress code saurus cms for developers
New Dress Code? Saurus CMS For Developers

  • Open and well-documented API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Easy set up - installation takes just couple of minutes.

  • Integration with third party modules and applications made easy over the XML-interface.

Is saurus cms right for you
Is Saurus CMS Right For You?

  • Looking for power and affordability?

    • Saurus CMS offers powerful functionality with affordable price range. Features so far found only in the enterprise level content management systems are now available to small and medium websites as well.

  • Interested in high quality and reliability?

    • Saurus CMS is well proven platform for web publishing and content management powering over 350 web sites, intranets and other web based applications. We couldn’t achieve this popularity without a great emphasis on quality control, scalability and high class reliability.

  • Need fast deployment and simple management?

    • Saurus API (Application Programming Interface) allows quick integration of various user interfaces (HTML, WML, RSS etc) with Saurus CMS functionality. Distributed content management is simple with granular privileges system.

  • Are you managing a site with many editors and lot of content?

    • With powerful user and permission management the decentralization of content creation process is rather simple. You can use detailed system logs to get an overview of the actions of the content creators.

Future for sure support and assurance
Future For Sure – Support and Assurance

  • Software Assurance

  • Saurus releases in average of ten updates per year which provide the following:

    • New features for content editors.

    • Tools for web administrators and site developers.

    • Security and performance enhancements.

    • Compatibility with new browsers and server-side technologies.

  • Support

  • Saurus CMS support site provide the most up-to-date source for information, help and support about Saurus CMS.

Friends from the first sight
Friends From The First Sight

  • More than 40 companies have joined Saurus partnership network. You’ll find our partners in Portugal, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latin-America, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Estonia.

  • Visit our web site: for more information about partnership program.

Born in 2000 so easy to remember
Born In 2000 – So Easy To Remember

  • Saurus was established in year 2000.

  • Our first CMS-based web site was the web site of the most popular daily newspaper in Estonia.

  • Now more than 350 live web sites, intranets, extranets and web applications are built on Saurus CMS platform.

We are here for you
We Are Here For You

  • Company name: Saurused

  • Location: Pikk 7, Tallinn, Estonia

  • Phone: +372 6464 777

  • E-mail:

  • WWW:

Thank You For Your Time!