negating satan s lies and affirming god s truth l.
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Negating Satan’s Lies and Affirming God’s Truth PowerPoint Presentation
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Negating Satan’s Lies and Affirming God’s Truth

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Negating Satan’s Lies and Affirming God’s Truth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Negating Satan’s Lies and Affirming God’s Truth. Section Five. Page 33. How to Stop Bullets. We can stop Satan's bullets, i.e. his fiery darts of toxic beliefs, thoughts, and images with a Holy Spirit empowered “NO!”

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how to stop bullets
How to Stop Bullets
  • We can stop Satan's bullets, i.e. his fiery darts of toxic beliefs, thoughts, and images with a Holy Spirit empowered “NO!”
  • Titus 2: 11, 12 – Now the grace of God has appeared… teaching us to say no to all ungodliness and worldly desires…” (NIV)

Page 33

the power of no
The Power of “NO!”
  • You are graced – empowered by God to say “NO” to all ungodly thoughts and attitudes that give rise to worldly desires.
  • We can use the power of negation to stop and eliminate ungodly, toxic, thoughts, images and beliefs.

Page 33

the power of no exercise
The Power of “NO!” (exercise)
  • Access a Strong State of Saying “NO!”
    • What can you say “NO” to with every fiber of your being?
  • Enjoy and Relish Your Power to Stubbornly Refuse all that is contrary to God’s truth.
  • Apply this state of “NO!” to toxic thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
  • Say “NO!” as many times as you need to until you feel you are done.

Page 37

the power of yes
The Power of “YES!”

For no matter how many promises

God has made they are YES in Christ.

And so, through Him the “Amen!”

Is spoken by us to the glory of God”

(NIV) II Cor. 1:20

Page 33

the power of yes8
The Power of “YES!”
  • Amen: “Yes, it is so”, “it is true.” a confirmation and affirmation of something spoken.
  • By pronouncing “Amen” the listener associates himself with what is uttered; he makes it his own and is ready to conform to it.”
  • By affirming and confirming God’s word we make His truth our truth.

Page 34

the yes exercise
The “YES!” Exercise

1) Access a state of “Yes!”

Think of something you can absolutely say “Yes!” to in the most powerful way.

2) Amplify and Anchor. Feel that YES and JUICE IT UP!

Experience it in all of the sensory systems: visually, auditorially, and kinesthetically.

3) Apply this powerful neurological “YES!” to the new idea.

There are some great ideas, beliefs, and Biblical truths. Which one would you like to say “YES!” to right now? Bring it to bear upon the idea that you want to confirm.

4) Confirm the confirmation by using confirmation questions:

Do you really want that truth in your heart? Would you want it in your body?

Would you like it in every muscle of your body? Would it enhance your life?

5) Threaten the layers of “Yes!” with a “No.”

I think I’ll take this away from you, okay? You have too many doubts and questions to really want this, right?

Page 37

meta yes no exercise
Meta-Yes/No Exercise
  • Get a “NO” – A Good Strong “No!”
  • Meta “NO” the Limiting Belief
  • Access a Strong and Robust “YES!”
  • Meta “YES” the Enhancing Belief
  • “Yes” the “Yes” repeatedly and put into the future.

Added Material

mind to muscle
Mind to Muscle
  • This pattern turns highly informative, insightful and valued principles into neurological patterns.
  • We do this when we learn to type.
  • Most expertise involves taking a principle concept, understanding and /or awareness and then translate it into muscle.

Added material

mind to muscle pattern
Mind-to-Muscle Pattern
  • Identify a Principle.
  • Describe the Principle as a Belief.
  • Reformat the Belief as a Decision.
  • Rephrase the Belief and Decision as an Emotional State or experience.
  • Turn the Emotions into Actions and express the Belief or Decision.
  • Step into the Action and let the higher levels of your mind spiral.

Added material