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Five Useful Tips To Shop Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Useful Tips To Shop Online

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Five Useful Tips To Shop Online
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Five Useful Tips To Shop Online

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  1. Five Useful Tips To Shop Online Best Electric Razor

  2. Many people in this present world depend on the internet for their shopping. • As the online shopping is increasing day by day.

  3. There is more number of sites in the market, which are regularly added by the newer ones frequently. • However, it offers discount offers, exciting new products and many, but you must be careful about the fact that there may be fake sites as well.

  4. Many people order the products on many online sites casually and Best Electric Razor Reviewsview here. • But by doing this you might become the hunt for cyber crime, hacking etc.

  5. This can happen to you any time but do not think much of it. • Here are the five useful tips to avoid danger in online shopping.

  6. Avoid Public Computer for Online Shopping: • Try to avoid online shopping in café, bookstore, coffee shop etc. • if you do so you will be in a danger of leaking of personal data in the public.

  7. And many of the hackers will be eyeing on your personal details such as bank account details, personal business email ID etc. • you should be very careful while online shopping for such aspects and avoid public computers for online shopping.

  8. Verify the Shopping Website: • Before logging in to website for online shopping it is must to check whether the website is verified or not. • To check whether the website is verified or not you just have to move on the address bar

  9. or URL bar of your browser and notice that URL starts with https or not. • You can also check by a padlock placed on the left side of your browser address bar.

  10. It just indicates that the site is verified and you can safely visit.

  11. Download Anti-Phishing Toolbar: • You should first download Anti-Phishing toolbar. • This helps to identify the fake sites by giving warning before entering into the site.

  12. If such pop-up warning is given, you must avoid those sites for shopping.

  13. Does not Use Personal/Business Email ID? • You must not use personal/business ID for many reasons, firstly the shopping site will send lots of mails • And secondly hackers can hack the business and personal information through your mail ID, so better you make new ID for shopping.

  14. Do not believe On Each Offer: • You should not believe in all such offers, which are more of discounts, buy 1 get 1 free etc. • It is just to attract the people and then they hack their ID’s, bank details, address and many more through those fake sites.

  15. So be sure that you do not visit such kind of sites before verifying it completely. • These are the most useful tips for online shopping which can save not only money.

  16. And give good product quality, but also keeps us on safer side by hiding our personal information.