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  1. Drunken Driving Accidents

  2. Each year in Southern California, countless innocent motorists and pedestrians are tragically injured at the hands of drunk drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2008, California had more than 3,400 automobile fatalities of which 35 percent, or 1,198, were alcohol related.

  3. Although the typical drunk driving accident may only involve automobiles, alcohol and drug related accidents may also include pedestrians, semi-truck collisions, motorcycle crashes, bicycle and boating accidents. Injuries can range from whiplash to broken bones, head, neck or spinal cord injuries and wrongful death.

  4. Recoverable damages may include medical bills, loss of services, property damages and lost wages, among others. If you or a loved one has experienced an accident with a drunk driver, contact the Southern California Legal Group today.

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  6. The drunk driving accident lawyers at Southern California Legal Group have extensive experience in the courtroom and provide experienced, trusted legal representation. The drunk driving accident lawyers at Southern California Legal Group, in Ontario, CA are dedicated to recover damages for the families of innocent victims.

  7. They also help to educate people about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They are highly committed to their work, work closely with their clients in gathering all the relevant evidence, and ensure that victims and their families receive compensation from drunk drivers.

  8. Southern California Legal Group's professionals offer free consultations and have both evening and weekend appointments available. The drunk driving accident lawyers at the Southern California Legal Group offer professional legal representation to clients throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

  9. Southern California Legal Group in Ontario, CA serves customers through Southern California. Southern California Legal Group's mission is to zealously provide each client with the highest caliber legal representation, maintaining the highest level of integrity, while practicing law in a manner that reflects the respect we have for clients and the legal community.

  10. For more information on Southern California Legal Group's experienced drunk driving accident lawyers and other personal injury services, please visit