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A dialogue experience beetwen generations PowerPoint Presentation
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A dialogue experience beetwen generations

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A dialogue experience beetwen generations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A dialogue experience beetwen generations. The cohesion old-adolescents on social sphere is frequently complicated even the incomprehension have a “generational” character and in consequence have problem implications that are reflected in the day to day life.

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a dialogue experienze between generations
The cohesion old-adolescents on social sphere is frequently complicated even the incomprehension have a “generational” character and in consequence have problem implications that are reflected in the day to day life. A dialogue experienze between generations
a dialogue experience between generations
A dialogue experience between generations

Circumscription n.2 Maintains the strong commitment at youths of the territory, in order to prevent and intervene in the situations of marginality inside Quarter Ca’Ossi (belongs to the circumscription and has 12.100 inhabitants, of which 1165 are foreign)

a dialogue experience between generations1
A dialogue experience between generations

Attended the Aggregation Center for Youth called “La Tana”, managed by the Circumscription and by the social Cooperative “L’ Accoglienza”

a dialogue experience between generations2
A dialogue experience between generations

On June and July the activity is moved to the adjacent large public park “Incontro”, in order to check the attitude of boys out of Youth Center, by setting them also measures where operators, in an unstructured way, can share extra time with the boys, giving continuity to the work done during winter months.

The presence of young people in the summer months in the parks implies a closeness with adults and seniors who walk, stop and reset the presence of their way to do boisterous, sometimes provocative, the strange hairstyles , “decorated” with tattoos.
the initiative
The initiative
  • create bridges for joined different the shores otherwise unreachable, is one of the aims of culture and District and City, because are places of community culture, a culture that is scattered and diffused. In t project happens information of “helping” youth, for answer needs of security in these practices.
the project 12 th may 2012
The project12th May 2012
  • Promoters and financing: The quartier Ca’Ossi, LA TANA Young Aggregation Center, professional schools ENAIP and ENFAP. The Project is done by volunteers of the Committee District, school teachers, workers of TANA, Italian Fanzinoteca.
  • Persons who are addressed to: teenagers, young and not, the elderly and the local community.
  • Motivations : promote inter-generational dialogue in the community
  • Purpose: the work is focused on the phenomenon of Tattoos & Piercing, was designed with the aim to look for a possible dialogue between generations through the comprehension of this particular communicative code .
  • Instrument: Socio- historiographical research with illustations carried out with the boys. Preparation of the exhibition, that is composed by 12 panels size cm.60x130.
  • Realization of one day public event: Exposure of the exhibition at open air in the morning, in a little square of the shopping centre, in the heart of District Ca’Ossi. on the afternoon, the public debate in the presence of professionals taking part
  • The new experiences, on a argument almost “taboo” surprised and stimulated people of District.
  • Many news and information, about the phenomenon were ignored by people, including those who already have or are planning to put their self a tattoo, have aroused interest and spirited debate.
  • The adults are not only “tolerated” and listened to young, but have actively participated and shared the “party” which was created by, putting aside prejudices and resentments and available to this "generational encounter and dialogue."
  • It was confirmed the validity of teaching and communication of this kind of practice.