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21 st Century Resumes

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21 st Century Resumes. How to stand out among the masses Reasoning + Guidance + Resources Presented by Kristyna Borden . What is a video resume?.

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21 st century resumes

21st Century Resumes

How to stand out among the masses

Reasoning + Guidance + Resources

Presented by Kristyna Borden

what is a video resume
What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment and uploaded to the Internet for prospective employers to review. The video resume describes the individual's skills and experience.

A video resume can be created by a professional or you can create your own. Some job search and networking sites (like Jobster and MyWorkster) provide a means for users to incorporate video resumes into their profiles. Jobster video resumes are hosted by YouTube.

video resume examples
Video Resume Examples

Not – so – well – done

Well – done

video editing software
Video editing software

For a crisp and clear video consider editing your video using the


  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Apple Final Cut
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
tips for preparing a professional video resume
Tips for Preparing a Professional Video Resume:

Dress professionally in business attire, just as if you were going to an in-person interview

Keep your video resume short: one - three minutes

Look at the camera not at the desk or table below you

Don't speak too fast

Make sure there isn't any background noise and that the wall behind you isn't too busy

Practice what you're going to say ahead of time

Start by mentioning your name (first and last)

Focus on your professional endeavors, not your personal ones

Discuss why you would be a good employee and what you can do for the company that hires you

Thank the viewer for considering you for employment

before you begin
Before you begin…
  • Video resumes are used to supplement a well-written resume
  • Review resume video samples
  • Learn from them: consider what works and what doesn‘t
  • If done right a video resume can assist you in marketing yourself to prospective employers
  • If done poorly it can hinder your chances of getting an interview
expanding on the idea
Expanding on the idea…

Electronic Portfolios

A creative means of organizing, summarizing, and sharing artifacts, information, and ideas with personal and professional growth.

A portfolio is a sampling of the breadth and depth of a person's work conveying the range of abilities, attitudes, experiences, and achievements.

  • Traditionally, portfolios have been stored in boxes and three-ring binders. Although this format works fine for paper and other print-based materials, it misses many other ways ways of communicating ideas.
  • Over the past decade, many people have found electronic portfolios as an effective way to more clearly present information not only through text, but also through visuals, audio, and video formats.
  • Documents can be stored on hard drives, Zip disks, or CD-ROM in many digital formats such as text documents, picture files, web pages, digital video, and presentation files.
campus resources
Campus Resources

Have a class project or presentation that requires media equipment? UTS can help. Check out laptops, projectors, screens, cameras, camcorders, and other media equipment free of charge.Here’s How You Do It:

Students who would like to check out laptops and/or other equipment must have their professor or organization’s advisor notify UTS. This can be done via a written memo or e-mail to UTS Media Services. See contact information below. Be sure the memo includes the student's name, PantherID, pickup and return dates.

Students must pick up the equipment and present their Panther Card at the time of checkout. See locations below.

Reservations for laptops must be made at least 48 hours before pickup date.

Students must return equipment on the same day that they are checked out.

We will provide you with a Media Custody Form that must be kept with the equipment at all times.

Locations and Contact Information:

Modesto A. Maidique Campus – GL 177Phone: (305) 348-2815Fax: (305) 348-2819Email : mediaeqp@fiu.edu

campus resources1
Campus Resources

Video Production services provide students with technical, creative, and consultation services to complete your class projects. Below are the services you can take advantage of. Call or drop-in to schedule your appointment.

Non-linear Editing - Allows you to edit your video scenes in any order and then put them onto the timeline in the final order you wish to view your program. Changes can be easily made in non-linear editing. We support Final Cut Express. Your final project can be on VHS, CD-ROM, or DVD.Duplication- Made available to students who want to make their own copies of their programs. Copies are made one at a time.Consulting- We provide consulting on planning your video project, camera techniques, audio techniques, which edit system to use, and training on how to use the edit systems.

Contact Us

Modesto A. Maidique Campus – GL 141Phone: 305-348-2820Fax: 305-348-3745

other resources
Other Resources

Websites to visit: