effect of increased impervious cover l.
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Effect of Increased Impervious Cover

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Effect of Increased Impervious Cover - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hydromodification. Effect of Increased Impervious Cover. Regional Issue  Regional Approach. Relationship between increased impervious cover and stream stability is a regional concern Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) decided to address this issue under their research agenda

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regional issue regional approach
Regional Issue  Regional Approach
  • Relationship between increased impervious cover and stream stability is a regional concern
  • Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) decided to address this issue under their research agenda
    • Los Angeles County DPW is lead on first phase of hydromodifcation assessment project
prior study approach
Prior Study - Approach
  • Compare historic and contemporary channel shape and size to changes in impervious cover
  • Use relationship between changes in channel stability and changes in impervious cover to determine expected responses in S. Ca. streams
  • 10 sites across S. Ca. region
    • 7 sites – developing
    • 3 sites – control
major conclusions
Major Conclusions
  • Southern Ca. streams appear to be more sensitive to changes in impervious cover than streams in other areas of the country
    • Estimated threshold of response ≈ 2-3% TIMP
  • All streams studied are adjusting to flow conditions on an annual basis
    • All streams undergo constant change and adjustment
    • Rate of change differs between natural and developed areas
  • Management approaches will differ depending on stream type, drainage area and amount of impervious cover
next steps
Next Steps
  • Workshop to coordinate w/ other hydromodification studies
    • October 2005 workshop  Technical Report #475
  • Additional data collection and empirical analysis
  • Establishment of ongoing (sentinel) monitoring sites
  • Development of predictive model(s)
  • Development of management tools
prop 50 proposal goals
Prop 50 Proposal - Goals

Joint proposal between SCCWRP and CSU (Brian Bledsoe)

  • Which streams are at the greatest risk of effects of hydromodification?
  • What are the anticipated effects in terms of increased erosion, sedimentation, or habitat loss, associated with increases in impervious cover?
  • What are some potential management measures that could be implemented to offset hydromodification effects?
prop 50 proposal major tasks
Prop 50 Proposal – Major Tasks
  • Develop protocols for mapping and classification
    • Susceptibility evaluation
  • Develop protocols for monitoring and assessment
    • Additional data for model development
  • Develop and calibrate predictive models
  • Develop management tools
prop 50 proposal products
Prop 50 Proposal - Products
  • Screening tool – evaluate whether or not a project is likely to be of concern for hydromodification
    • Checklists
  • Effects tools –evaluate the expected magnitude or intensity of effect
    • Models, decision tree, nomograph or plots
  • Mitigation tools –guide recommended mitigation and management measures.
    • fact sheets, design criteria, sizing standards
prop 50 proposed schedule
Prop 50 – Proposed Schedule

Task 1: Project Management

Task 2: Protocols for mapping and classification

Summer 2007

Task 3: Protocols for regional monitoring/assessment

Winter 2008

Task 4/5: Screening tools

Fall 2008

Task 4/5: Dynamic simulation model

Summer 2009

Task 4/5: Management tools

Fall 2009

Winter 2010

Task 6: Report preparation & Outreach

opportunities for collaboration
Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Co-location of field sites
  • Joint Technical Advisory Committee
  • Coordination on tool development





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