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What is impressive about the back up of SQL 2016?

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What is impressive about the back up of SQL 2016? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Every launch of SQL Server delivers many new capabilities–and possibilities for something new to learn. SQL Server 2016 is nothing new in this regards. Along with many other additional functions in SQL Server 2016, Microsoft company has spent improvements to back-up.

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5 Things to Remember Post

Installation of SQL Server

sql server

As with most items in life, doing factors right with SQL Server from the very first

phase makes it much simpler to handle later on. In this article, we’ll look at five

considerations you should confirm after setting up SQL Server. These are in no

particular order but more of a mindmap depending on years of experience.

Making sure to confirm these matters can provide your daily life as a DBA more

soothing after passing the server over to the program group post-installation.

Step 1: Make servicing plans

One of the most common problems with mishaps is that they always seem to

happen on the most crucial server. Think about a problems unfolding and then

thinking, “I wish I would have taken a backup”.

To prevent this very bad scenario, create sure to do the following on every SQL

Server example after installation:


should be identified by the program group as an ingredient of the SLA from the

information source group. Ensure that the back-ups are also planned to go off the

server on consistent foundation. What’s the point of having a back-up regionally

on the server? What if it goes to a state from where it can never start up? Keeping

back-ups at a safe place keeps lifestyle much simpler.

Complete, differential and deal log (if applicable). How often of back-up

Integrity check: It is better to identify information source crime as soon as this

indicates. Maintenance programs having “CHECKDB” can help. Also, someone

needs to actually take a look at the outcome. The great information is that the

ERRORLOG has a listing of CHECKDB outcome so consistently verifying ERRORLOG

can help.

Index and research maintenance: If you have proved helpful on efficiency problem

solving, you will likely agree with the fact that much of the time upgrading

research with full check out or restoring indices will take care of many problems.

Wouldn’t it be awesome that this was done automatically? As a DBA, you should

build a strategy as an ingredient of post-installation.

Cleanup: Maintenance programs record in MSDB information source and review

information files on os can cause a lot of waste in hard drive room. The clean-up

projects are offered in the care strategy to prevent such problems.

Step 2: Examine and set sp_configure values

This phase is often skipped after set up. Here are a few principles that are very

necessary to change as per program.

Max Server Memory: If this is not designed, SQL Server would try to eat as much

storage as it wants, which would cause a storage problems for other programs

and the os itself. Keep about 15% for the os and provide the rest to the SQL

Server example, offered there are no other cases of SQL Server on the device.

Max level of parallelism: Instantly, the value for this establishing is zero, which

must be set depending on the type of program using the SQL Server example set

up. If it’s going to be genuine OLTP, then the common suggestions is to set the

value to 1 or ½ or ¼ of the physical cores available on the server. If its non-OLTP,

then consult you group about which establishing they suggest. Making it to zero is

not a wise decision.

Other settings: Centered on utilization and after talking to you group,

xp_cmdshell, SQLCLR, and OLE Automated might need to be allowed.

Step 3: Immediate information file initialization

This function allowed quicker recover, quicker auto-growth, and quicker

production of information source having huge information file dimensions. This is





SE_MANAGE_VOLUME_NAME) authorization for the SQL Server start-up account.

This authorization keeps SQL Server from “zeroing out” new area when it makes

or increases a computer information file (not deal log files).





To give authorization, go to Start > Run > SecPol.msc. Then go to “Local Policies”

> “User Privileges Assignment” > “Perform quantity servicing tasks”

Step 4: Make sure authorizations are not given to “everyone”

In many circumstances, a DBA might add the “Everyone” consideration to various

stocks and authorizations because this can seem simpler. This is often OK on an

analyze server, but for a manufacturing SQL Server, you should be much more

restricting in providing such authorizations. In this case, preferably, the

“Everyone” customer will be eliminated from non-Windows generate (C drive).

Step 5: Program database

Based on the use of SQL Server, there are many suggestions possible for it


TempDB: Make more information similar to ½ or ¼ the actual CPUs. This is

important for those kinds of fill which use TempDB on large foundation, either by

customer platforms or system things. All information files should be of same

dimension and same development. You also need to allow track banner 1117 and

1118 as start-up factors. Having several LDF has no benefits.

Model: If there are intends to develop more information source on this example

later, then a design has to be designed so that the new information source are

using the best methods for configurations. You can choose 2 GB information

quality and 512 MB log dimension. You should set auto-growth of set dimension

rather than 10%. In accordance, 512 MB development is good for design

information source information files, which would be got by recently designed

information source.

Depending on your particular SQL Server implementation, there will likely be

many other things on your list. However, if you pay interest to these five products,

you will be able to prevent some common problems in the long run. The oracle

dba course in Pune is available in the sql training in Pune.