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Returns Calculator - Calculate Mutual Fund Returns PowerPoint Presentation
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Returns Calculator - Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

Returns Calculator - Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

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Returns Calculator - Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

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  1. Benefits and Types of Investment Calculators Returns Calculators RGESS Tax Calculator Future Value of SIP Goal Planner Asset Allocator Retirement Planner

  2. Returns Calculators The Returns Calculator offers you a solution by shrewd fund returns for the amount chosen by you. It conjointly displays returns and performance rank of the fund among its contemporaries for various time frames.

  3. RGESS Tax Calculator • RGESS or Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving theme is that the new tax saving theme, for saving taxes. This can be principally for 1st time equity investors in exchange. • The complete plan for introducing the RGESS theme is to market an ‘equity culture’ in India in addition as widen the retail capitalist base within the Indian securities markets.

  4. Future Value of SIP SIP calculator consists of 4 totally different calculators: SIP quantity Calculator, SIP Returns Calculator, SIP Maturity worth Calculator and SIP Tenure Calculator. Put simply, it will assist you perform four totally different SIP calculations

  5. Goal Planner • Goal Planner helps you to generate a comprehensive plan for all your life events. • The planner brings along all of your retirement and investment desires and plots them as milestones on your life line. It additionally ensures that you just don't miss something once charting your finances and provides you a whole package to research your necessities.

  6. Asset Allocator • An investors can divide their money among different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds and money market accounts. • The idea behind asset allocation is to offset any losses in one category with gains in another, and so cut back the general risk of the portfolio. It’s vital to recollect that plus allocation is associate degree approach to assist manage investment risk.

  7. Retirement Calculator Retirement calculator will assist you to estimate what quantity cash you may ought to meet your retirement goals. The calculator uses your current age, target retirement age, family financial gain, and current retirement assets to work out what quantity cash you'll have in retirement savings further as what quantity cash you’ll have to avoid wasting every month to succeed in your goal.

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