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Web Builders and Grant Writing

C5 Institute. Web Builders and Grant Writing. Web Builders. Options for developing your own website have come a long way. You no longer need to know code, or how to manipulate complicated hierarchical structures.

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Web Builders and Grant Writing

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  1. C5 Institute Web BuildersandGrant Writing

  2. Web Builders • Options for developing your own website have come a long way. • You no longer need to know code, or how to manipulate complicated hierarchical structures. • You can get a fantastic looking website, customized domain name, easy site management in the cloud, and tech support for < $100/year.

  3. Options • Squarespace - $96/yr. • Wix – $0? • Yola - $60/yr. • Webs - $0 - $90/yr. • SnapPages - $0 - $96/yr. • Glogster • http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2009/05/8-ways-to-build-websites-not-blogs-for.html#.Ub8eI-dJ4eU

  4. Examples • Squarespace • Two personal sites • Site for a friend

  5. Resources • Edutopia • Brain-based education and the Common Core: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/education-brain-common-core-ramona-persaud

  6. C5 Institute Part IIGrant Writing

  7. Grants • We’ve talked all week about technology, but how can you actually get that INTO your classroom? • Grants could be the answer. • There are many sources, so you must decide on the amount you need, and then target appropriate sources. • Grant writing is a skill that must be built - it’s unlikely that you’ll earn an award on your first attempt.

  8. Grants • Grant writing tips • http://www.k12grants.org/tips.htm • http://revolutionk12.com/resources/grant-writing-tips

  9. Grants • Consider partnering with another teacher, school administrator, university professor or community group. • Partnerships strengthen proposals – grantors like to see collaboration and multiple beneficiaries, but you must also share dollars. • Your proposed program must fit the grantor’s request. • Get administrative permission before undertaking any grant effort – be wary of spotlight hogs • RFP = Request for Proposals

  10. Grants • Rules of the road: • Know your grantor and their grant program – read ALL policies and procedures • Follow directions exactly as stated in the RFP • Gather background info. on your student body, school district and community • Don’t be afraid to call the grant representative and ask questions

  11. Grants • Rules Continued: • Some grants may allow you to receive a stipend for summer work – others may prohibit any funding for salary. • Most grants prohibit certain things such as food, clothing, salary and sometimes construction. • You will file a report to the grantor when the project is complete. These deliverables/product ideas should be included in your proposal. (don’t go overboard)

  12. Grants • Stretch your dollars by: • Getting your district to match 4:1, 2:1, 1:1 – allow them to set a cap. (up to $5K or $10K) • Securing professional labor at a reduced cost – the difference can sometimes be used as leverage as in-kind donations worth $$$. • Getting materials donated at a reduced cost will reduce the total amount you need, or allow you to get other things you WANT. • Enlist parental support and involvement

  13. Community Support • http://www.gofundme.com/ • Starkville Science Club: http://www.gofundme.com/2nzjkw • Secure permission through Central Office • Accountability and transparency are key

  14. Grants • Ecolab: http://www.ecolab.com/our-story/our-company/community-involvement • http://www.ecolab.com/media-center/news-releases/news-release?id=9CC06646AD504F9B8323573B365B05EB

  15. Grants • Weyerhaeuser • http://www.weyerhaeuser.com/Sustainability/People/Communities/WeyerhaeuserGivingFund/HowToApply

  16. Grants • Humanities • http://www.mshumanities.org/index.php/grants • http://www.neh.gov/grants • STEM • http://stemgrants.com/category/k-12-grant-opportunities/ • http://tapestry.nsta.org/ • http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/nissan-awards-education-grants-to-local-schools-in-mississippi • http://www.toshiba.com/taf/ • http://www.nsta.org/about/awards.aspx • http://aspire.swe.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=26

  17. Grants • Mathematics • http://csearch.nctm.org/csearch.aspx?c=all&q=grants • https://mathcounts.org/grants • http://www.nctm.org/resources/content.aspx?id=1322

  18. Grants • Language Arts • http://www.ncte.org/grants/sec • http://www.arts.state.ms.us/grants/ArtsintheClassroom.php

  19. Grants • Other sources: • http://k12grants.info/ • www.grants.gov • http://www.technologygrantnews.com/grant-index-by-type/k-12-grants.html • http://www.ncte.org/grants/sec • http://www.socialstudies.org/awards • http://www.grantwrangler.com/default.html

  20. Grants • Once you receive a grant: • Work hard to establish a relationship with individuals in charge – if they like you and your project(s), you are more likely to receive additional funding in the future • Make sure you roll out the carpet when they come to award your gift (WCBI, Dispatch, administration, a few students and parents, photographers ect.) • Send them pictures every now and then with a short note telling them how it’s going • Make sure you file a good final report

  21. Other Approaches for Funding • Community Groups • Banks & Credit Unions • Non-profit school support groups – if none exist, help parents start one • Rotary, Key Club • Golden Triangle Development Link *Approach through a friend/partner with a detailed written proposal including pictures, sample lesson plans and itemized budget projections/cost estimates

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