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  1. MOVIE RIDDLES Read the clues and click to see the answer.

  2. It’s a fantasy movie. It takes place in a world of elves, dwarfs and orcs. It’s about a hobbit who has to destroy a magic ring. In the end, he decides to keep it but it is destroyed anyway. Lord of the rings

  3. It’s a biopic. It takes place in London in the 1920’s. Colin Firth is in it. It’s about a kingwhostammers and the speech therapistwhohelpshim. The King’s Speech

  4. It’s a dramabased on a true story. It takes place on a ship, at the beginning of the twentiethcentury. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are in it . It’s about a boy and a girl whofall in love. In the end, the shipsinks. Titanic

  5. It’s a science fiction movie. It takes place on the moonPandora in the 22nd century. Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver are in it. A paraplegic Marine is sent to Pandora. There hefalls in love with a beautifulalien. Avatar

  6. It’s a drama and it’sbased on a true story. It takes place in South Africa in 1995, at the time of the Rugby World Cup. Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon are in it. It’s about Nelson Mandela and it shows how sport canbring people together. Invictus

  7. It’s a romance. It takes place in Paris. Carla Bruni, PresidentSarkozy’swifeis in it. It’s about a successful Hollywood writerwhovisits Paris withhis fiancée. He falls in love with the city. Midnight in Paris

  8. It’s a documentary. It takes place in the USA in 2004. Morgan Spurlockis in it. It’s about a man whodecides to eatat Mac Donald’sthree times a day for a month. In the end, heputs on 11 kilos and has serioushealthproblems. Super Size Me

  9. It’s an adventuremovie. It takes place both in the real world and the world of GreekGods. Logan Lermanis in it. It’s about a teenager whodiscovershisfatheris a GreekGod. Zeus thinks the boy has stolenhislightningbolt. Percy Jackson : the lightningthief

  10. It’s a drama and a comedy. It takes place in Mumbay in India. Dev Patel is in it. It’s about an orphanwholives in the slums. He takes part in the game « Whowants to be a millionaire? ». He finds the answers to all the questions. He is about to winwhen the police arresthimbecausetheythinkhe’scheating. SlumdogMillionaire

  11. It’s a fantasymovie. It takes place in the Museum of Natural History in New York. Ben Stiller is in it. It’s about a museumguardwhodiscoversthat the animals and statues wake up at night. Night at the Museum

  12. T Thankyou for playingwith us. Lola, Estelle - Léa, Charline - Julie, Margaux - Kamel, Joris - Morgane, Lina - Gonzague, François - Louise, Lucie, Carolina - Erwan, Frédéric -Erwin, Luigi.