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  1. AMSTERDAM Best Practices for Rule Automation

  2. Presenter AMSTERDAM Naomi Hauser SaaS Client Success Manager Points: 14,510 Rank: 9 Level: Platinum

  3. AMSTERDAM Best Practices for Rule Automation

  4. OR… This is How We Like Our SEM AMSTERDAM

  5. Let’s Get Started With our first best practice Goals – Set Them!!! AMSTERDAM

  6. Know Your Goals AMSTERDAM

  7. And Set Them… AMSTERDAM

  8. Moving Forward With our second best practice Rules - Use Them!!! AMSTERDAM

  9. A Campaign Without Rules… AMSTERDAM

  10. At Least Set the Magic Button AMSTERDAM

  11. If You Have a Just a Little Bit of Time.. Set a bundle of rules. Let’s look at a few of the most popular bundles AMSTERDAM

  12. Bundles of Rules - Must Have AMSTERDAM

  13. Bundles of Rules - Must Have Plus AMSTERDAM

  14. Bundles are Just a Group of Rules If you were only going to add three rules … make it these Pause under-preforming keywords Add search terms Change keyword bid AMSTERDAM

  15. Loving Account Mangers are Like Loving Mothers AMSTERDAM

  16. Congratulations! AMSTERDAM


  18. Rules we can add Add Search Terms AMSTERDAM

  19. Rules in Action – ACase Study Daily Deals Site Conversion = login to the site 3 rules activated - Pause Ad  Ads a/b testing (*) - Change Keyword Bid  Basic keyword bid mang. (*) - Add Search Terms - [(termClicks>=5) and ((tecks/termImpr)>0.02)] AMSTERDAM

  20. Another Rule we can add Pause ads AMSTERDAM

  21. Not quite there yet Change keyword bids AMSTERDAM

  22. She’s Still Not Happy AMSTERDAM


  24. Rules we can add Change keyword bids AMSTERDAM

  25. Rules we can add Pause keywords AMSTERDAM

  26. Rules we can add Pause under preforming keywords/placement AMSTERDAM

  27. Rules we can add Exclude search terms AMSTERDAM

  28. Rules we can add Change keyword match type AMSTERDAM

  29. So your on goal.. Now what? AMSTERDAM

  30. Good Thing You Had Some help… AMSTERDAM

  31. Let adCore build your campaign A generic campaign. Broad keywords An ‘Add Search Terms’ rule A ‘Pause under-preforming keywords’ rule. AMSTERDAM What is a snowball campaign?

  32. For Example Ad-group: Flight to Netherlands Broad match Keyword in the ad-group: flight to the Netherlands Search terms that keyword will get exposed on: AMSTERDAM • cheap flights to Netherlands • Amsterdam flights • cheap flights to Holland • cheapest flight to Germany • last minute flights Germany • cheap flights in Germany

  33. Each of your everyday SEM tasks Has a rule you can write … If it doesn’t exist simply build it! AMSTERDAM

  34. Advanced Tactics AMSTERDAM

  35. Tactic #1 AMSTERDAM Separating ad-groups by match type

  36. Separating ad-groups by match type Start by attaching a pause keyword rule. Pause all keywords the don’t fit the match type you want in the ad-group AMSTERDAM • Add an ‘exclude keyword’ rule – add all the keyword that you just pause to the negative keyword list (in exact match)

  37. Separating ad-groups by match type AMSTERDAM

  38. Separating ad-groups by match type AMSTERDAM

  39. Sounds Complicated? The amazing adCore team has already prepared the bundle for you! It’s called ‘ad-group by keyword match type’ and its waiting for you in the automation bundles AMSTERDAM

  40. Tactic #2 Adding search terms to ad-groups with no DKI AMSTERDAM Find the right ad-group - You can decide where the search terms go. Add them to an ad-group without a DKI.

  41. An Example Add a rule – add search terms. Make sure you don’t add the search terms to an ad-group with a DKI

  42. Or you might get this result… AMSTERDAM Of course we wrote the rule for you! It’s called ‘Add Search Terms to Ad-Group W/ No DKI’

  43. Secret backdoor Adding search terms without the keyword bid AMSTERDAM simply add In the requirement: ('setBidToNull' = 'setBidToNull')

  44. Use the Different Setting to Your Advantage Semi-automated - When you want to keep a lot of control/need to report to clients on changes you are making/ start with semi and move over. Auto- don’t want to approve changes everyday/trust adCore to make the canges for you. AMSTERDAM

  45. Best Practices for Rule Automation AMSTERDAM Tailor-made Rule Automation on a Grand Scale.