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Things to Consider When Constructing a Pond PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Consider When Constructing a Pond

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Things to Consider When Constructing a Pond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smith Creek Fish Farm has the best stocking game fish, lake & pond supplies and management services in New York. Contact us today for details!

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Things to Consider When Constructing a Pond

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    1. New York Fish Hatchery & Koi Fish Pond Supplies 5853227805 Call Now

    2. Things to Consider When_______________ Constructing a Pond Smith Creek Fish Farm 5853227805 Call Now

    3. Creating ponds As aesthetic and recreational amenities or as water sources for agricultural have requirements that must be considered. One must consider various site conditions when planning for a pond to ensure a suitable location. Be sure to check on federal, state and local requirements before you start to dig. 5853227805 Call Now

    4. Design Considerations 5853227805 Call Now

    5. Some Important Pond Design Basics Are vegetated earthen channel around the dam, provides an outlet for excess water. It is critical that the spillway be sized to pass flood waters and be stabilized to prevent erosion or washout of the structure. The steepness of pond basin side slopes affects light penetration to the pond bottom. If you wish to minimize areas supporting rooted aquatic vegetation, pond side slopes should be steep to maximize the area of deep water. Other Design Considerations Spillway Capacity 4 2 3 1 Pond Size, Depth and Configuration Structural Integrity Determining adequate pond surface area and depth are often a function of volumes of water necessary to meet usage needs such as livestock watering, irrigation, or fire protection Foundation preparation, construction specifications and spillway design, are the most important components of a pond created by an impounding structure. 5853227805 Call Now

    6. Pesticides may be applied to ponds to control weed growth, algae blooms or to remove undesirable fish. Chemical may need to be applied by a registered pesticide applicator. Smith Creek Fish Farm recommends that aquatic pesticides be used by a certified aquatic applicator. A wetlands permit is also required for the use of pesticides, if the pond is contained within a regulated wetland. NY Department of Environmental Conservation. Pesticide Use 5853227805 Call Now

    7. Thank You! Near Buffalo or Rochester NY or western NY (WNY) 5853227805 Call Now