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VoIP SIP termination services provider PowerPoint Presentation
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VoIP SIP termination services provider

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VoIP SIP termination services provider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you want to offer your customers un-interrupted services with high quality voice routes, you should look for a wholesale SIP Termination service provider that delivers high standard services. With the many benefits SIP Termination offers, you can make your telephony services stand out from the rest in the market.

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VoIP SIP termination services provider

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    1. VoIP SIP Termination services If you want to offer your customers un-interrupted services with high quality voice routes, you should look for a VoIP SIP Termination services provider that delivers high standard services.

    2. SIP Termination SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, is a text encoded protocol used as a standard for VoIP to set up and tear down connections over the internet. This protocol helps Internet users to make phone calls to the other SIP users for free and to mobile phones and landlines for a reduced fee. Intact with all the basic features of a phone such as caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, this technology also offers video and audio conferencing, voice calls, online games, streaming media and so much more. SIP comes with an additional feature. It can split an incoming call which is beneficial as few extensions can be rung at a time and the one who answers first takes the call.

    3. Advantages of SIP Termination The major reason a number of companies in various industries are switching to SIP telephony is because it is significantly cheaper than the traditional phone line. The cost for both hardware and maintenance is eliminated along with the expenses of a separate PSTN or data circuit. Another benefit with SIP termination is that different kinds of communication options can be obtained without any trouble at all. Since it allows video conferencing, instant messaging, voice calls and streaming media, it becomes quite easy for the users to get in touch with their friends, employees, clients or business partners.

    4. VoIP SIP Termination Platform Expanding communication networks through IP infrastructure, We serves to fixed, mobile, cable and Internet service providers throughout the globe. We gives you an opportunity to provide the best in the market, be it networking, switching or service solutions to your clients. A leading service provider in the VoIP market, VoIP SIP termination offers fully distributed, access independent, assembled network architectures along with the secure and allied voice and multimedia services. It offers you to streamline as well as strengthen your customer support activities for telephony services. This helps you simplify administrative process, all you have to do is accept orders, remote provisions, activate devices and reduce truck rolls.

    5. Backup Locations for VoIP Softswitch To ensure the availability of non-interrupted services, you should turn to a service that provides back up locations of VoIP softswitch. If you want to provide better services to your clients, the functioning of the softswitch must be smooth. With its main function as a central device controlling connections between the packet networks and the circuit, softswitch availability is a must for a communication network.

    6. End User Satisfaction With the robust quality network that is based upon the parameters like ASR, ACD, and PDD offered by you, your customers can have much more efficient communication. Having a highly competent engineering staff to keep an eye on the entire VoIP network 24X7 in order to maintain flawless services will make your customers satisfied. Offering Wholesale SIP Termination services with other advanced features can help you gain a top spot in the telephony market.