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JSB Market Research:Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market PowerPoint Presentation
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JSB Market Research:Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market

JSB Market Research:Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market

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JSB Market Research:Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market

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  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market (IVR, OCR, Pattern Recognition, Auto Coding, Text Analytics, Speech Analytics, Machine Translation, Information Extraction, Question Answer, Report Generation) - Worldwide Market Forecast & Analysis (20132018) To buy this Report Visit

  2. Summary The report highlights the major factors that are shaping the future of the Natural Language Processing market. One of these factors is the requirement of enhanced customer experience. Contact centers are continuously adopting NLP technologies to have better productivity and customer experience. The shared cost for cloud services increases the scope for small businesses, such as clinics in healthcare vertical. Companies are able to leverage good profit from cloud services. There are some restraints and challenges, such as customer adoption and government regulatory issues.

  3. Report Description The Natural Language Processing market is built around recognition, operational and analytics technologies. In 2013, the highest market share is accounted by recognition technologies, such as • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) • pattern and image recognition Few high growth markets are – • Web and E-Commerce industry • IT and Telecommunication industry • Healthcare industry • BFSI industry To know more about this report click here – Language-Processing-NLP-Market-IVR-OCR-Pattern-Recognition Auto-Coding-63693

  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Market Evolution Growing Demand For Enhanced Customer Experience   Increase In Adaption Of Smartphone  Growth In Machine To Machine (M2M) Technology 

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